Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fifty is Nifty!

Brian's parents aka Mim & Norm will be celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary soon. Brian and I offered to cater a party for all their friends, but what they wanted most was a night at a waterpark hotel with all their kids and grandkids....and so it was done, actually last weekend. Brenda and Nathan came in from Louisana, Barry's family too, and we all met up at a Sheraton in Arlington Heights.

Here they are at their wedding, this is my favorite picture of them, and yes they have it on magnets, and even a mousepad.

Here's a little do-dad I wrote for their card.

The Ballad of Mim & Norm

There was a gal called Mim,
she wasn't quite right.
She built a boat during the day,
and drove race cars at night!

There was a guy called Norm,
tall, handsome and lean.
He got around a bit,
he dated Mel's Marge as a teen!

They married at Elim Baptist,
before it became 360.
They had their friends and family
present, it was quite nifty!

April showers bring Moore babies
the first named Brenda Lee.
She just loved being the only child,
then came the two other B's!

The second Moore baby was named Brian
his April arrival came according to plan.
He's the most gifted,witty and handsome
of all the Moore Clan!

The third baby a boy named Barry
April again was his arrival.
He was tortured by his older siblings,
and is lucky for his survival!

The Moore babies weren't babies for long,
they grew into adults who do quite well.
Especially that Brian,
he found and married Michelle!

Brenda married Howard,
a Southern gentleman no less.
Made their home and baby in Texas,
then moved to be with Vern and Jess.

Barry, we were a bit worried,
who would marry a musician like this fellow?
The man doesn't toot a horn,
but could someone please open a window?

The years have just flown by,
some of our hairs turning grey.
The grandkids of Mim and Norm,
should be very thankful for this day.

So fifty years later with family all together,
here Mom and Dad stand.
Incredibly blessed, incredibly loved,
and like their wedding day... hand in hand.

I know! I will keep my day job! I gotta get a day job!



Marcie said...

This is soooo cute! I hope Mim and Norm loved it too. You are a treasure Michelle! Hugs!

Holly said...


I lost your email and wanted to ask you a question. Could you email me?

I thought your poem sounded just like you :)


Merrymags said...

Aahhh, Michelle -

So sweet and so funny. BTW, what ever happened to Barry besides tooting?



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