Monday, August 24, 2009

Scotty's House

Before I start.... just click on any picture to make it BIGGER!

So my old fart (yeah thats you Scotty!) friend Scotty who moved about a half hour away from us, let me help me decorate his house however I wanted as long as I do it on the cheap. I do ask him what he wants though and try to make it to his taste. However, he did say he is not crazy for red.... I keep telling him I used maroon! :-) He's been very happy so far, and its looking pretty good!

The House

So he gets this HUD house, that cost 22,000... yep 22, he paid more for his car! It's really cute!

The Front Room

So the first room I did was the living room. It basically needed paint. The carpets need to be taken up and there is hardwoods underneath, but saving that for another day. We hit a warehouse furniture sale here and got some great stuff! He brought mostly tools/clothes from CA. and three other things. A mink throw, a iron Indian head a friend made, and a favorite quilt of Helens, who passed in Sept.

Scotty with Helen's quilt, also with a board in his hand he was putting in an a/c unit in his office.

We couldnt find a TV stand we liked, so we found this buffet hutch top by Brohill that retailed for 1100.00, on clearance for 97 bucks! It was perfect!

I dont know how many chairs Scotty sat in before we found this one that was just right! And the Indian head. Pillow I made with left over fabric from curtains and faux leather from Ian's headboard.

Found a leather loveseat and ottoman for 400, and the mink throw. Picture's were in Ian's room in Granger.

I found some little conchos on clearance at Hobby Lobby so I added them with some leather thread on his tab tops I made of maroon ultra suede.

Brian likes to call his bedroom the "Chick Magnet Room"

Here's the before picture.

When I stripped the wallpaper, I found mold, so we had some drywall repair work to do. It has cotton insulation from the 50's! Scotty replaced it, see all the mold on the right one. Ewwwwwwwww!

Found a great suede headboard bed for him at the warehouse sale! The paint is left over from our master bath. That chair Scotty had to have, he was going to use it in his office, till we went to that warehouse sale and found a office chair for 5 bucks!

The window boxes Scotty made, and the fabric is left over fabric from a slipcover I made. It's actually the first cushion I made that I screwed up. :-)

The pictures in the bedroom are so cute! I got them at the JC Penney outlet site for 39.90. I got six of these doggers! I have two left for home here. If I didnt like the pics I was just going to use the frames, they are beautiful! Click on these and see how cute they are!

The dressers are mine that I had in a closet, the mirror and lamps are also from storage here. My closets are empty! It's wonderful!

The Kitchen

The only "before" pic I have...

I'm not a country kitchen type person, but the house really lent itself to that, and Scotty liked hoe the old wallpaper border lookrf on the soffet, and asked if I could do something like that. The color, if you have been to my house, my whole house is this color and I had some left in a five gallon can. I first got the pictures, I saw some cute real samplers at Old Time! That whole wall of stuff cost 25 bucks, and bought wallpaper on clearance on the net. :-) The ceiling fan was there, and in decent shape I just replaced the globes.

We dont know what the old owners had as a back splash, but it was some type of fiber board, with contact paper and wallpaper over that, with large gaps. First I wanted to put that faux tin ceiling panels on it. But that turned out to be too expensive (very cool though!) and I used paintable wallpaper instead in a tin tile pattern and painted it high gloss. The stuff is cool! It hides large flaws, and is easy to paint, and is only 12 bucks a double roll at Menards.

Look at the range hood...... its not almond... its white! Its left over smoke residue on there I cant get off. It will be replaced later.... but people dinna smoke in your house... eeewwww!

He bought all new appliances. :-) If you look at the cabinets over the stove, thats the faux tin ceiling sample. I just cut it up and put some gold leaf on them to replace the Shakey's Pizza stained glass plastic that was in there...too cute!

The border didnt cover the whole soffet, so I wallpaper above it. The little pictures on the right.... they are tiles.... 69 cents a piece!

That's our spare microwave, its too big, and Scotty just ordered a countertop dishwasher, so I said... you need a Baker's Rack for the little corner and you can put a smaller microwave on there, I know just the one, its on clearance at Walmart for fifty bucks! And.... its now here! Next day I came back with it, and he had already put an outlet on the wall.

The pictures, wallpaper, back splash, trim for floor, curtains, trim paint, Baker's Rack, chairs, (he still needs a table).... I did the kitchen for LESS than 200 bucks! I have his new sink window curtain on my dining room table waiting to be hemmed, and it just needs a little something more, I dont know what though...... oh maybe a button trim along the bottom. *G*

What's cool is..... Scotty is a handy guy, if theres not an outlet on the wall and he needs one, there's one there the next day. He's a wood worker too, so if I need any little pieces of molding or anything... it's done the next day. The only difference California he use to chop a tree down and mill the lumber, and here he has to go to Lowes!

So...... you can see why I haven't been blogging much because I usually have a paint brush in my hands. Everyone says... Oh youre so nice to do this or that, but when I have total control and can do what I want, its not me being nice, it's me having a blast! :-)

Next.......the outside deck and garage, nothing exciting there!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home Alone....

Collin started school on the 12th, so he starts his third week on Monday. Ian left for school yesterday, seemed a lot smoother. He's in an apartment this year, located on campus

It's Ian and two other friends he knows, one his roomie from last year. We spent Wed, Thur and Fri painting a table he made. It turned out better than I thought it would. I thought by the end, the "P" wouldnt look like a "P". :-)

He has also changed his major from Engineering to Computer Graphic Technology... I think thats it. :-) It's a much better fit for him, he's a bit more on the creative side than the Sciences, and he will enjoy his work instead of dreading it. Plus Im hoping he gets some cool software. *Grin*

The time I wasn't painting a table, I was painting Scotty's kitchen! That's finished, and I will blog about that with pictures soon. It's amazing what a can of paint can do!

Monday I have the house to myself again, well me and dogs. Can't say I will miss ESPN on during the day!

Happy Sunday to you all!

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