Saturday, August 21, 2010

My sister told me I needed to update!

......and I always listen to my sister. Right Georgia?

Okay, Ive been a bit busy...... all good things!

Brians brother got married, to a woman I just adore! I kinda wanted to marry her, she's funny and she really gets things done! :-)

Then Scotty and I are finishing up the headboard. The second coat of paint goes on it tomorrow, then I need to pick up some cute knobs and its done.

We're going to make another one after this for Ians room. Im going to put tin or something cool on the back panels.

We also made a desk for Ian, for his apartment at school. He went back yesterday, today we brought out what wouldnt fit in the car. Cassie his cousin now goes to Purdue too! Next weekend, we hope to meet up with Mim and Norm for lunch with both kids.

And the most fun and most time consuming projects lately, I made a website for "Outlander- The Musical", for Diana and two really neat guys in Scotland, Mike and Kevin. Neat guys, Im not sure that how they would describe themselves, but they are both very sweet, very funny, and both love dogs, so there!

The logo was made by a gentleman in Scotland, no idea if he is neat or not! But its much easier to make graphics for a website when you have something to go from.

Website: click here!

Also made some youtubes for it......

This one is of the song snipits, took me forever and of course once uploaded, there was a typo, maybe two *G*, so its all cleaned up. :-)

There's a typo in the first one too, but I really thought his name was spelled that way when I made it, that one was not my fault. :-)

Last weekend my sister Renee came out for the weekend, and then Georgia and Will came for a night too. Saturday night we played Balderdash, and Sunday we sat at the table and ate all day... yum!

Now, once I typed it all out it doesnt look really busy, but really Ive been busy!


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