Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is a big f'in deal!

Okay, I'm usually late to the party on making up to date t-shirts to sell for the latest political brew ha ha's.

Missed a bunch with Sarah Palin

That Joe Wilson that doesn't have any manners and called out "liar" during the State of the Union address.

But I wasnt this time!

make custom gifts at Zazzle

In two days I have sold about 90 of these t-shirts between and Most coming from zazzle, they were featured on MSNBC two days ago.

What fun to watch them sell! I don't make too much from them, because I dont mark them up a lot. I love good deals and I like when other people get a good deal too! :-)

Anyway, its been really fun the last couple of days. And quite a few have gone to people in DC. :-)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They're Baaaaaack!

It's spring! Every year a duck couple come to visit in the spring, we always see them in the yard, or for some odd reason on the neighbor's roof. So this morning when I was opening the blinds I saw the female in the back yard. I went and got the camera, had to find the right memory card to put, for some reason the others would show as full. Finally, I took about 8 pictures waiting for the duck to get out of the mulch so you could see him, batteries ran out in the middle of it all, and finally got a picture.

The female is on the far left, and the male is over the fence on the far right.

Then I go turn on the puter, sit down, here the dogs bark, and what's right in front of the window. One picture, both ducks, in about 45 seconds.

They are back, it's spring, all is right with the world!
(Meaning snow is gone, gone, gone!)


Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I'm up to...

... I won't say 5'7" either, since I'm starting to get the old age shrinking thing happening and it's depressing.

Everyone keeps asking me what's going on at Scotty's house. Scotty had carpal tunnel surgery on one hand, that pretty much put him out of commission for a while. So I finally started on the guest bedroom. Here's the before...

I hate to say it but right now it looks a bit worse than this! :-) There was wallpaper, the vinyl front came right off, and the back stayed on, and then two layers of wallpaper backing under that, and that white paint on the bottom, also had wallpaper backing under it. So it took a while to strip it all off. And it was the kind of job that you would rather do anything else... see an end table out at the curb while leaving Scottys and call him at the end of the block to go over there and get it, so I can paint and glaze it!

Going out to lunch, bargain shopping, cleaning carpets, movies, baking, cleaning my desk, and working on some webpages for people.

Like Victor, Renee's honey.

Like Mags...

Stuff to sell on Cafepress... actually sold a t-shirt of this already. :-)

Then I would go and do another half wall of wallpaper stripping, find something else to do. When finally finished stripping and swearing, then I had to caulk, and then accidently used silicone when I ran out of Latex caulk, and had to figure out how to paint over that... google is a wonderful thing. Scotty is anxious for painting to be done (he's not allowed to paint, he paints like Huck Finn, it's everywhere except where it's suppose to be) so he can start making a headboard.
This one!

...but not green! So soon as I finish painting the room, and the new closets, he can build the headboard in there. Which he needed a router for, so he bought a router and some bits, lots of bits!

You know what this means?

Crown molding!

He can make crown molding now cheap!

Do you know what that means?

I'm going to start putting crown molding in my bedrooms and baths. That's about it, the floor plan is too open on the bottom floor for crown molding, except the half bath. That's the first room to be done. :-)

The oldest is home for Spring Break this week, unfortunetly the youngest is not off the same week. All are happy and healthy, with the exception of a few colds, sinus troubles, but nothing major. Like I always say...

Boring is Good!



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