Tuesday, July 24, 2007

3-Adults 1-Child

The big news for today is that Ian turned 18! I'm not sure when I got so old but I believe it was about at 1:07 p.m. this afternoon. I always ask the kids what they want for their birthday dinner, they can either stay home or go out. Ian picked chicken/cheese/brocolli casserole...of all things! I guess we are all cheap dates!

Here's a picture....also a hair update too!

Last Friday Mim and Sylvia took a ride out here to celebrate Ians adulthood. We went out to dinner and had cake. Oh and looked at some old pictures Barry was converting from slides. Let me get one to share. :-)

That would be Brian and Norm on the night of their Mafia induction! Im not sure of the year but Im guessing its Brians HS graduation, I remember he wore that suit. Are they stylin' or what?????? I think its .....what?????

Tomorrow we are off to Lake James in Angola to visit and some boating with friends. Thurs. my old (she has a 19 year old *grin*)neighbor is visiting while passing through Indy.

Yesterday my mom would of been 74, it's been two years already. And she is still very much missed.

It's been beautiful here, hope its the same where you are!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

No News is Good News, Right?

Well, I haven't updated this is bit. I've been working on the candle site for a friend, and the website for the author, both almost done.

Brian's dad popped by at 8 a.m. on the 4th of July. Half of us were still sleeping, so Brian and dad went out to breakfast and we played games the rest of the day. Introduced grandpa to Scattagories and he kicked our ass! It was also on the fourth I found these little fall leaves on the ground already. I dont know if its because its been really dry and we had some very cool nights, but they were only one inch big and with amazing color! I scanned a bunch of them!

Nothing else really going on, just dentist,Dr. and ortho appts. Brian and I golfed on Sunday when it was 92. We were drenched when it was over and it wasn't even raining.

Evanovich fans, Lean Mean 13 is out, and its really funny!

July must be nature month for me, I saw a blue butterfly land on the pile of poo I was picking up the other night. I have never seen a blue butterfly before. It's the first time poo was purty! :-) When I was done I came in and googled it, and it was an endangered Karner variety...just beautiful.

Just made some reservations for Niagara Falls, Brian and I are going up there in August.

Hope all is well on your end!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Yellowstone Mancation!

Hello All!

I finally got some pictures of the boys mancation uploaded to a slideshow. I was waiting for two rolls of film to be developed. It usually takes us a year to get film developed. :-) But we took it in this weekend, only to find out that there was nothing on them. We think they got zapped by the airport xray machines. Luckily they had the digital camera with them also so they have some photos. Brian looks as happy as ever and the kids look as put out as ever!

Last weekend Brian and I went and saw Ocean's 13 while the boys saw Die Hard...both groups approved of their choices.

We are expecting rain this 4th of July so we will prolly just hit the movies...maybe "Evan Almighty", or I think they renamed it..."Aunt Cheryl in Texas!"

Without further ado....enjoy the pictures!


Have a safe fourth!

...this slideshow software is neat, and it's free! Here's the link...

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