Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dog Days of December

Lola survived her spaying surgery. It amazes me how well dogs do after surgery. Especially after I caught her hopping up into the raised flower boxes in the yard. All those stitches ripping apart inside is the first thing you think of!

Lola napping on what's left of her morphine meds.

She had her dew claws removed, this breeder didn't remove them and I never thought of asking before hand, I will now. Because not only will it cost you an extra 100 dollars, your doggie has to wear booties if it's raining to cover the little bandages. Booties on dogs, it's not natural, and it's not happening here. Of course the booties that the vet sends you home with are made with empty IV bags and gauze, and last about two minutes on their feet. So we cover the bandages with Saran wrap, and take her on her leash so she doesn't run around in the rain. Thankfully it stopped raining.

I have to admit the bandages are kind of cute.

She looks like a little race horse when she is walking around, or a misplaced dog from the 70's. Remember when people wore sweatbands as an accessory.:) Not me!

Lego sprained something over the weekend, and was walking on three legs when Lola left for the vet. So Lego spent Monday sleeping the whole day and is back to normal finally today.

Doggies are all here and accounted for, it just doesn't feel right when one is here w/o the other.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Crazy Neighbor Sugar Cookies

Back when we lived up in Granger, I had a neighbor, yeah the crazy neighbor, who gave me her sugar cookie recipe. This was the best sugar cookie recipe out there, very much worth her craziness. I've been making them for over 15 years, pretty much knew the recipe by memory except when I lost it, and for the life of me couldn't remember the amounts of anything!

For about three or four years, (can't remember that either, seeing a theme in my blog?) I tried various sugar cookie recipes and none even came close, so I gave up the quest. Then out of the blue one day over the summer the recipe came back to me, so I quick wrote it down so I wouldn't forget ... again.

Here it is:

3 Sticks Butter or Margarine
2 cups sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
3/4 salt
2 tsp. vanilla
5 cups of flour

Chill dough and roll.

350 for about 10 minutes

Theres one thing I do when I bake cookies that is never according to the directions. You know when they say to mix the baking soda, powder and salt to the flour? I don't do that, I cream my butter,sugar, eggs, vanilla, and then at the end add my baking soda, powder and salt, and then the flour. I noticed I don't get that baking soda taste in the cookies.

It's 10 a.m., have to order my Elton/Joel's a Billy Joel song while I'm gone, this is "our" song. Of course I picked it, I had "The Stranger" 8-track it was on. *G* If left to Brian to pick "our" song, he would of had some hard rock song! My favorite Billy Joel song is "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant".

OMG $390.00! I really regretted not going about 7 years back, because I thought it was too pricie. I still think it's too pricie, I would rather buy a TV, diamond, anything that last longer than four hours, but it's not worth all the years of "could of, would of, should of's", so I just bought them. March 10, in Cincinn, it will be my B-day present. Actually it's more like $430, because I joined Elton's fan club to make sure I could get tickets. I've been to two other concerts in my life, Rare Earth when I was maybe 10, and Billy Joel, and Billy Joel we were up in the last row of the United Center and he was still good. So we will see how this goes...

Since I don't have a picture of my sugar cookies, here's my favorite Elton John song...

You know sometimes on YouTube, the comments are actually better than what you are watching or listening to, in this case:

Yeah, there was a time I could relate to this song severely. Now I'm debating which of five hot waitresses will I date!

On that note, back to cookies. I make a lot of my dough ahead of time, freeze and then bake half of it in one weekend for the cookies I send to my siblings, and then closer to Christmas I bake the other of half of the dough so we have cookies for guest and for US!

Happy Baking!

Oh, just in case you forgot who "Rare Earth" is or it's before your time! You Ready?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I haven't done much since the last time I posted.

What I did:

Made a website for an up and coming folk singer! A sister of a good friend.

Cleaned and cooked for last Saturday. Mim, Norm, Sylvia, Barry and family came out and we spent the day together.

Lot of laundry. Ian came home and then Brian is in Chicago all this week for a prep class for a big test he has to take next week.

Went to the vet. Lego got a infected anal gland, and "yes" it's as smelly as it sounds! Montana had one in the spring, seems we have a lot of pain in the asses around here.

What I didn't do:

No Christmas decorations at all! Since we had company Saturday, Friday was spent picking up the house and cooking, and Sunday Brian left, so they didn't get put up. Now it's too cold for me to go out there and do it, and since there's no warm up coming, I doubt they will get up this year. Every year I seem to hate this cold weather more. Its so damp lately everytime I go out in this cold my chronic bronchitis kicks in.

Oh, also what I didn't do. I didn't make stuffing on Thanksgiving! How the heck does a person forget to make stuffing on Thanksgiving? I do believe I'm officially losing it!

I haven't made cookie dough yet either, I'm way behind this year. I guess it's time to take the pumpkin off the porch!

Okay, I need a picture...

Our Christmas card from 2003, I do believe I remembered stuffing that year!

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