Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Head Swapping...

There is one phrase I hear all the time, "Just don't let her get a good picture of your head!"

I have this habit of head swapping. I started simply on my annual Christmas page. This one Brian seems to bring up a lot...

(I would just like to point out if I have swapped this head now, I would of made sure the color of his head matched his ass!)

One Christmas I gave each of my family members a little frame with a fitting picture of them, with their head swapped of course!

Not every daughter can fulfill their mothers dream of marrying Bobby Vinton

Or give your sister an opportunity to have a beer with the Nicholas Cage! She likes him, don't tell Will!

Your neice and nephew can thank Dave in person since they met in a Wendy's parking lot.

Turn your brother who thinks hes Waylon actually into Waylon.

Headswapping can help when family members are uneasy about you at times! Like ease the fear of who I travel with when I travel to Canada with my net friends every year!

Who else can give family and friends their own currency? "W" can't even do that! To bad too because a li'l extra currency
(I think it was $472,000,000,000 yesterday)
coming his way might do him some good!

And the else can we ever dream of socializing with the rich and famous, or dead and famous for that matter!

Do Disney with Martin Luther King on his very own day!

Doesn't every 9 year old think he is Eistein???

Me and Chuck! Positively to die for!

Mel, before I found out he was a jerk!

My personal favorite, me and Fr. Ralph! I know it's naughty, heaven help me!

Now I have to say there is one person who loves my headswapping! That would be Fr. Bill, he had a very special birthday one year,he...

camped with Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg!

sat with Joe Damaggio in the dugout!

met Elvis!

and is it not every Catholic's dream to meet the Pope? Let alone sit behind him and give him some pointers or in this case some Kleenex!

In my own defense, sometimes its not a head at all....just a conveniently moved hand! The queen has never had so much fun before she met me! You go girl! (You might want to click on this one to enlarge, let's not kid ourselves size does matter!)

The only thing is, sometimes a headswapper will get a picture of the headswapper one day in her email or in this case posted on the internet!

(Just a shout out above I did not put my own head on the Madonna, I'm in enough trouble for Fr. Ralph!)

We all know I have a high opinion of myself but Madonna? I think not! Oooooor maybe Modonna wouldn't be so bad!

Have you had your head swapped today?


Monday, July 28, 2008

Barry '08

On the 24th of July Ian celebrated his 19th birthday. He wanted breaded pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes for dinner. Everyone always whats to know what the birthday person had for dinner! :-) His gift was...we paid for half of this loft contraption for his dorm that raises the beds up in the air so they get more space below. So instead of a very very small dorm, it's just very small now.

Later that night Barry came with the kids for the weekend. On Friday morning everyone minus Collin and me (we don't do rides so we puppy wrangled) went to King's Island in Cinncinn. They left at 9 and came back around midnight all pink from the sun.

Barry bought one of the pictures they snap when you are on the ride. I forgot which roller coaster it was on.

Left to right: Barry, Cassie and Doug. They are actually upside down, so Im guessing those smiles are frowns then? :-)

On Saturday, all headed out to see The Batman. Later that afternoon Brian and Barry went golfing. While they were gone, I did a bit of head swapping. Cassie and I, since we are brats, hid the new improved picture all around the house and in Barry's stuff, so he would find them through the night and day.

Left to right: Barry screaming like a girl, Barry screaming like a girl, Barry screaming like a girl.

Since the picture made us laugh everytime we looked at it, and made people happy, we felt it needed to be everywhere! I wonder if he found the one inside his gas tank cap yet? :-)

And if this reminds you of Shauna '88, she is safe and sound here!

Lola update! She was 12 weeks on Sunday, potty trained, going through the doggie door, her and Lego play and sleep all day and are buds. Here's the vicious puppies going at it, they do this around six times a day. Who would think biting each other could be so much fun?

Lego has basically taken over training, its the nice thing about having two dogs, they entertain each other and there's no "Puppy Hell". Here Miss Lola is on Friday when her Uncle Barry was screaming like a girl. I talk big for someone that her last roller coaster ride was that Mad Mouse at Playland around 1970! :-)

This week, Collin registers for high school, he starts Aug. 11. Ian leaves the following week, I'm thinking we need to take a pool on how many weeks he goes before he does laundry!

That's all she wrote...


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just catching up.....

Lola is getting bigger and more loved every day. Her and Lego are playing lots better!

Do me a favor, if you have one, hug your spouse today! One good friend of mine, Marcie from my reading group, her dh has been in the hospital over three weeks due to complications from kidney stones. He has just been moved into a regular room and finally showing improvement. Marcie put together my sister Renee's love quilt when she was going through her cancer treatment.

Another reading group friend Melva lost her husband to cancer this weekend...just too sad. Just breaks your heart. So if you can work a little "help Melva's heart heal" prayer into yours it would be great.

People can say what they want about meeting people from the internet, but I have to say I have never met a more caring group of people than I have online.

Stay healthy!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We have contact!

I thought it would take three days before Lego really accepted the puppy and would lay by it, I was off a bit, it took about three weeks! Today they bonded over tearing apart a stuffed hedgehog. Why they like taking all the stuffing out is beyond me.

This picture also gives you an idea what my floors look like, theres toys, milk cartons, water bottles...everywhere! Sort of like at Disney World, the park is planned with a garbage can every few yards so there is always one near so you dont throw trash on the ground. It's like that with toys so there's always something to chew on instead of chewing on my furniture.

I have been cleaning for about a week and half, vacuuming twice or three times a day, steaming carpets and furniture...the van. We took Lola to the vet for her puppy shots, and the vet said she had fleas. We think Lego got them at the cabin in Kentucky, and gave them to the puppy. Not real bad. So two flea baths, and a monthly flea treatment...they are gone.

Last Sunday I steamed all the carpets,furniture, the bed, toys, the wood floors....washed everything...just to make sure they dont come back.

This little Lola has me up at 5:30 with the birds.....and Brian! :-) It's wearing me out, I feel like a new mom, but she is worth every minute. They are just so cute when they are this little and it doesn't last long, I just have to get as much puppy breath as I can!

Have a good Wednesday!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lego, Lola and Cheryl???

Everyone keeps asking me how they are getting along. Lego is coming along, they actually played together last night in the yard. Lego growls when she plays, and it confuses the puppy. It's a different growl of course than her "Get your tiny black face away from me" growl, but a growl none the less. Lego really wants to play, Lola really wants to play, but they just can't figure it out quite yet.

I have a picture of Lego playing with Montana when she was 12 weeks, so it s/b happening soon.

It's been a full week, and I need sleep! She does great at night, but it's those early mornings that are killing me.

Here's Lola yesterday...

See her little white hairs on her chin and chest, I don't think they will stay but they are very cute while they are here.

So I get a call from Gretchen last night and she says some guy has uploaded some photos to the Class of '72 site...and there's Gail and Cheryl in there. I will just share one of Cheryls since I'm not sure if Gail hurts people! Although Gail is looking pretty hot in her pics!

Cheryl, did you borrow that jacket from Georgia or Renee? :-)

This guy was also on there, not sure who he is, but he looks like if you dated him his hands would be all over you! You wanna wrestle baby?

Okay back to puppy wrangling!

M be honest right now not much to wrangle, she is sleeping under my desk with her little puppy head on my feet.

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