Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time does indeed fly!

I was just posting a reply to my wonderful Goddaughter Rachaels blog.... and signed in with gmail, which made my picture show, and I clicked on myself to see my blog.... and to my amazement I have not posted anything on here in over a year!

I haven't posted because I have been busy...... just boring! I truly am! I will show you how much!

Scotty's house is done on the inside, there is still lot's to do in his yard. I took a year off of painting and I promised him I would paint his deck this summer. And we promised to finish picking up rocks from the pool that was there and finish planting grass. I've been teaching him some web stuff and he still teaches me a thing or two. Last May he adopted a rescue dog...and they are a match made in dog heaven. Scotty needs to take care of something and Bomber is very needy!

Jewelry is still going strong! I have some new stuff coming out this year. Little book charms of Diana's first 8 books, finally some Claire's Ring hoop earrings. Which I have been wanting for myself for awhile. :)

Graphics on Cafepress doing well too...... even got a request to make a graphic for Hertz Rental Car. :) If I was smart I would devote more.... some time to this, I can see how people make serious money at it.

Still making websites for friends and friends of friends, mostly for fun, but some paying customers too. :) Made a massage site in Swedish and Finnish, and I made a site for a man in Scotland for a animal shelter in Portugal. So worldly I am!

Brian finally got back into project management at Lilly. He's very busy and a happy camper. I knew he was way bored with Six Sigma when he started looking for a part-time teaching position. :) But he's back in the Diabetes game in R&D at Lilly.

Ian is a Sr. at Purdue, he will have to go for another semester next fall since he changed his major, he's in Computer Graphic Tech. now, loves it. He is working for the Entomology Dept at Purdue with their website and newsletters. PT during school and FT in the summer.

Brian and Ian at a Purdue Game

Collin just got accepted at Ball State and he starts next year, with his major as of now Urban Planning. He is winding up his senior year, and has found a great group of guys and already has a roommate for college.

I knew I scanned his HS grad pic, but forgot to save it regular before I started messing with it to put on some moolah for him as a gift. :)

Hmmm trips.....
last family trip (I know I've said that before, but this really was!) to Disney last May. We drove for the first time and it was rather nice!

Went to Vancouver again in October, also spent a weekend with friends in Toronto.

Cheryl came to visit twice last year! Once in May with my moms sister Bette and my cousin Nadine... we had a Girls Weekend! Brian survived just fine!

Then Cheryl came again in November for Georgias daughter Kims baby shower...

Kim had a precious baby boy name Reid in December, who I haven't seen yet, but will soon!

Lego and Lola are also doing well! Lola loves deck patrol!

All the Neumann side is doing well..... and all of the Moore side too!

So we are incredibly blessed, because we all know that... is the most important thing!

Well that and chocolate!


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