Saturday, June 23, 2007

Without Data....'re just another person with an opinion!

HUH! You all know I monkey on here making graphics, and theres a site that puts them on merchandise I found. So.....Brian asked me to make a mug with that on it, and some graphs. He gave them to his Six Sigma trainers, and he got one for himself. So I made it...and I said....nobody is going to buy this!

Not even a year later Ive sold around 18 of these babies, the most Ive sold of mostly women for some reason. :-) We are thinking its female engineers fed up the male engineers they work with. I hate it when Brian is right!

I just finished another You Tube casting video, for the book "Twilight" this time. Lot's of gals on one of my reading groups are in love with this book. It's actually a Young Adult book, hence why the cast is so young that was picked. I offer to make these because its made in Windows Movie Maker and I dont know too much about the program. So I just make the pictures and then load it all in there with captions and music. This one took about 10-12 hours to do...and Im pretty fast with this stuff, it's addicting.......and I dont eat while I do this stuff so all's good.

Last weekend was Kim's shower, it was lot o' fun! Kim got a lot of bakeware, nice stuff, and Im hoping she didnt see me put it in the van on the way out. Renee, Elise and I stayed till about 10:30 pm, and Georgia & Will had a six am flight the next morning for Key West...and Georgia hadnt packed yet.

Next week sending dear son to look for a job. He had a blocked saliva gland taken out yesterday at the dentist. Couple of stitches is all. Tomorrow night Barry and the kids are coming to stay overnight before heading out on Sunday to take them to camp.

That's about it,

Monday, June 18, 2007

These is my Words!

I read this book by Nancy E. Turner back in 98. I had just learned over the spring there was a sequel, nabbed it on Ebay :-), and read it. "These is my Words" is the diary of a young girl (hence the bad grammer in the title) who moves to Arizona in the late 1800's. So it's filled with the hardships one endured making a cross country move by wagon during that time. Starts out with the bad grammar of an uneducated pioneer girl and as Sarah grows, so does her use of the English language and her writings. It's like Little House on the Prairie for adults!
Anyway....I really enjoyed them and immediately after the sequel I went to see if the author had a website. She did.....and it was not very pretty! :-) So out of the blue I emailed her and asked if I could make a nicer one for her, in appreciation of two very good reads! The third book in the series comes out in September of this year, and the website will be up and running on her own server long before then...its still a work in progress, I dont even have the new cover yet, but thought I would share...

Authors are just the bestest!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Boy Crazy!

The boys came back from their "mancation" on Thursday. They went to Yellowstone Park for five days, where they hiked and saw lots of animals, especially bison. Had great weather with the exception of one day. I will get a scrap book up of the pictures one of these days. Above is a picture of them on Mount Washington, seems it was very cold and sunny and Ian got a wicked sunburn. He had his hood up like that all the time so it was in the form of a circle on his face! :-) Brian came home with two HUGE blisters . Brought me chocolate as a souveigner...good boys!

I received the other drawing of the boys last week! Sue does just amazing work, and is so reasonable! Her website is on the left...The Art of Surprise!

Went to Rachael's graduation party last week! I had made a little beach bag with necessities for college. Toothbrush, flip-flops, towel, things like that with little poems attached. Also bought her a very very large pair of old lady white cotton underwear and put her name on the back "Rachael's Panties" with the following poem...

Hang these old lady panties on your dorm room door,
and Dad won't worry about the boys anymore!

Sunday is neice Kim's Bridal Shower, she's getting married in Sept. to a wonderful guy. I like him lots, because he once killed a spider for me! :-) Renee and Elise are coming tonight and we will all go to Cinncin on Saturday to Georgia's... sisters are a wonderful thing!

Kids are out of school, Brians back to work on Monday, and Target seems to be calling me....all is right with the world.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mighty Fine Website

I found the best site today go to Watch it! :-) Then you can put anything in front of to make your own, you just have to put periods for spaces
for example
so the url address would be

There's also a

Too Fun!

Brian and the boys are getting ready for the "mancation" and I'm off to Chicago for Rachael's graduation party...and hopefully some pizza! So needless to say Im washing every piece of clothing that isn't attached to a body.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


Monday, June 4, 2007

Mermaid Day!

A friend of mine Cindy, wrote a sequel to her first novel and it just got posted today at!
"Mermaid in a Bowl of Tears"
I made the website for her first book "Exit Unicorns" and heres that link...

It takes place in Belfast during the 1970's and it's a great way to learn about the IRA and how it started and it's effects in Northern Ireland. It gave me a whole new perspective on the politics of the region and why things are the way they are. Plus when you have some good sex in there, history is always more fun to learn! :-)

Soooooo if you like Historical Fiction, and love Ireland, there you go!


Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blogged Down!

It had to happen, you knew it would...I would blog! It is like the never ending Christmas Letter! How scary is that!

I really wanted to get the links of my Cafe Press store, web sites I've made, You Tubes, and share pictures with family and friends and do it all in one place, and this seemed the best route. Plus I saw someone elses blog with this brown and aged paper template and had to have it! :-)

I spent the majority of the day in the basement. I have been looking for something to make nice cheap headboards for the twin beds there. I finally found something the other weekend at a furniture tent sale. You know the mirrors that fit above dressers, well there are always a bunch of these super cheap, but I could never find two matching. I did this year! You can get a 500 dollar mirror for 47! We had a heck of time hanging them, but finally figured it out and here they are....

This is a great way to get a headboard cheap, I can always take out the mirror and put fabric in there. With no mirror you can attach right to the bed frame.
That's it for now!


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