Friday, June 1, 2012

The Macaroni Grill Headboard!

When we were in Florida we had lunch at The Macaroni Grill, while walking out I saw this partition they had and said to Brian......

Replace that frosted glass with some tin ceiling tile, that would make a really cool headboard! 

So.... when I got home, I sort of planned it out quick in Paint Shop so I wouldn't forget.

Then Scotty and I went shopping....

I was originally going to use two faux ceiling tiles, but.... they weren't wide enough when we got it all sorted out.   I also didn't use the garden hanging brackets I bought, and the wood caps and balls. 

I found some brackets at the website that worked better.

and some cast iron balls which is what I originally wanted on ebay...

For the tin ceiling tile..... I bought the same wallpaper I used for Scotty's kitchen backsplash.

We will see how it holds up, its pretty tough when you get paint on it. :)   And it's only 13 bucks a roll.  I used..... one piece.... have most of the roll left.   I planned the panels on the headboard so I could swap out the panels and put something else in if  I didn't want copper anymore.

Scotty is pretty amazing....  he looks at what I draw and sort of makes something out of it.  We shop for wood, he cuts it all out and put's it together..... then takes it apart.  I bring it home and stain it all, he usually spray paints..... since I get the runs. :)  Then we put it all together again.

The whole thing came to about 118.00 but around 17-18 of that was shipping charges.


Oh, I had the mushroom ravioli!


Disney Golf for the Birthday Boy!

So back in the beginning of May, Brian and I went to Disney World for Brian's 50th birthday... he wanted to play golf at Disney.  I sort of watched golf at Disney!   I'd go back in a minute just to ride along, the courses are just beautiful.  Osprey was my favorite, very wooded and lots of wooden bridges... and fast golf carts!  The golf carts had GPS for all the holes and you could do fly overs of the course... and the cart beeped when it went on a green and the screen would flash for you to move. 

Wednesday he played...
it wasn't very busy, we caught up with two retired guys that invited Brian to join them.  Ralph and David, or Danny, something with a "D".  "D" guy only had one arm..... and was fantastic!  Very nice guy too, both were, it was fun! 

Thursday he played...
our foursome included (not me, I'm just the driver) an 83 yr old man and his daughter, who just played the first 9, and a Brit named Kevin who was amazingly good!  He must of been a park ranger in a past life because he spotted the Eagle, otter, and deer before the rest of us. 

Friday we played...

with good friends Colleen and Steve.

Steve, me, Colleen and Birthday Boy! 
Colleen and I made it for six holes and then chatted the rest of the way in the Not The Mickey golf cart.  GREAT day!  We saw an alligator this day. First one we ever saw at Disney, we were beginning to think they took them off the property because there are plenty of places for them and we've just never seen one.

What did I learn after watching mostly men play 54 holes of golf! 

Golfers are housekeepers!

They hit the ball in the sand..... they go and rake the sand to get rid of footprints....


They play with one of their fancy clubs with the little dohickey cover on it, they put the cover back on it after every hole....


One of their balls, of the golf variety, will get dirty and they wash it


I said to the two old farts..... no wonder you all didn't want women golfing in the 50 and 60's, they'd find out you knew how to do housework!

Wed. and Thur. we were doing two parks a day and golf, and Friday we spent the day with Colleen and Steve.  Saturday before our flight we did two parks, just caught our 7 o'clock flight and was home by 10:30.  

We stay at our usual place Port Orleans - French Quarter.  Just Brian and I, the kids were still in school. 

Great trip!


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