Monday, April 28, 2008

Potty Time!

We decided to tear apart the half-bath a bit. I've been wanting to put beadboard in there since we moved in, but the walls needed to be sanded since they were a bit rough and I didn't want to spend the time on that when there was so much more to do. It's why I put a faux finish in there to disguise all the bumps. Well, almost five years later we're getting around to it.

So Saturday and Sunday I stripped the border, patched the holes and sanded the walls. Tomorrow Brian is off since I have a wee surgery in the a.m., and when we get home he's going to put a granite counter top in there, and change out the fixture.

Not sure how long the beadboarding and painting the walls and vanity will take, but will show as it progresses.

Right now it looks like this...

Ooooooooo nice!


Monday, April 21, 2008

Got Spring?

We can always tell it's Spring when we get these two mallards in the yard. I dont know where their babies are but for the past three years they show up in our bushes for about a week. One likes to sun on the neighbors roof. :-)

Here they are this year!

Brian's birthday is tomorrow, he will be 46! We keep seeing the commercial for "Just for Men - Touch of Grey" and it's looking a little tempting, to me at least since Brian now has a shitload of grey!

We did survive the earthquake! It was 140 miles to the west of us. Brian showered through it, Collin and I slept through it, but it did wake Ian up. Brian did feel one of the 4.5 aftershocks at work, and we had another 4.5 one last night that we all slept through. It's amazing how far away people could feel this, but unlike California with it's faults all over the place, since they are few and far between the effects of this one were felt hundreds of miles away.

You can imagine it's all people were talking about for awhile.

Still doing Weight Watchers, I hit my one month mark today and have lost a total of 10 pounds. This is very doable!

Brian and I are starting a wee project in the downstairs half-bath. Soon as we get some mulch down we will start in there.

I sincerely hope Spring has Sprung in your neck of the woods!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's spring break this week!

As I type Brian and the boys along with Norm s/b at a Sox game in Chicago, freezing their baseballs off! I'm home labrador wrangling and catching up on some stuff.

Made a website on all my window treatments I did for the house. I made a little website for painting kitchen cabinets and it gets about 200 hits a month, so I made one for curtains. I first typed "cheap christians" and I know a lot of them too! :-)

My favorite

Here's the sites...

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Cheap Curtains

Still on Weight Watchers, I'm down 7 pounds but dinna put your hand anywhere near my mouth....I might bite it! I'm hungry!


The difference between boys and girls...'s not below the belt which you might think, it all in the hands! Last weekend it was just beautiful here, sunny skies and almost 70 degrees, the first nice weekend since last year. On Saturday Brian and I cleaned windows, not just glass.......the sills, which we should of done in the fall.
Because of these guys!

(some other poor souls garage that has box elders too!)

These are bizarro world lightening bugs, the red and black is opposite, and they don't light up. What they like to do is every September on warm sunny days attach themselves to your house preferably the south side of your house, and crawl between the screens and the windows. Since we have cheap @ss windows in this house, we literally get hundreds of them in some of the sills, we don't keep the windows open in the fall here.

"Why don't you have an exterminator come?" We did, two years ago, they can't guarantee it for the next year and it was $350! So we decided the following summer to bug bomb the attic and maybe get them while they were hibernating. Which cut them down a bit but we still got them. I read somewhere to spray the house with diluting dishwashing soap, this for some reason kills them. So we do that a couple of times while we have them, we still have them...just less of them.

Oh so what does box elder bugs have to do with the difference between girls and boys? Because when it comes time to clean the windows in the spring and you literally have hundred of dead box elder bugs that have been sitting there all winter long and are a black icky mushy mess of bug parts sticking to parts of the window and are stuck under other parts of the window sill...

Girls use gloves!
Boys don't!

Girls also gag, get the willies, and let out li'l screams for the first few windows too!

We learned our lesson, do it at first frost when you are suppose too and don't leave over winter!



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

...and were off!

I don't even know when I finished it, but I made a website for a horse clinic in Texas. The incredibly lovely office manager Angela got me the job. Angela is the Tartan candle girl, and horse hair bracelet gal I made websites for

Here's the great candles she makes-

Here's her incredibly cool bracelets

Here's the vet's site website up and running

Just starting to make a site for another friend...she's a doula! You're gonna have to google if you don't know what it is. :-) And one for Gretchen's alterations business.

Now, I'm trying to get the jewelers going with my jewelry projects but it's been slow going. I was hoping to have it up and running by now, but talked to her today and she said she will light some matches under some people....only she said it nicer! :-)

I stuck to Weight Watchers for the whole week and lost five pounds. I didn't think I would lose that much in a week on their program, so I was pleasantly surprised. It's nice to be able to eat what you want, and you know night it was ice cream with a brownie for dinner! Oh that was Tuesday, when Betsy an online friend stopped by on their way through Indy with her cute daughter. Oh and Friday I met up with another online friend Kris for dinner at Maggiano's for dinner. I saved all my extra points and had a half order of mushroom ravioli with alfredo sauce. :-) I've met some of the neatest people through online book clubs, and these are two of them!

The kids are off next week for spring break. Brian is going to take them on a quick trip to Chicago for a Sox game, we're hoping it warms up a bit.

That's about it... oh wait......a picture...
I finished a casting you tube I made for a Katherine Swynford Yahoo Group I started, and handed off to another person there. It's for the book "Katherine" by Anya Seton, the group offered suggestions, then voted on them and here's the winners. It's pretty, the border graphics I made from some Book of Kells images (which is what I want to see most in Ireland). It's the first time I got a copyright notice on the music from you tube when I uploaded it, but it's okay Sting doesn't care! :-)
There's about 400 in the group from all over, so some actors you might not know.

Katherine was John of Gaunt's mistress and had four children by him. He was the son of the King Edward II, and Katherine was a commoner. He married Blanch, then Constanza the Queen of Castile, many years later when she died, he went back to Katherine and married her, and the Pope legitimized their children, Henry the VIII is related to them. Katherine's sister Philippa was married to Chaucer, who you prolly heard of...a writer...Cantebury Tales.

I've made a website for this book too, it gets about 200 hits a month, and about four times a year I will get a letter from someone going into lengthy detail on how they are related to Katherine. What they don't know is about, oh I think it was 80% of England can trace their roots back to Katherine.

There's your little history lesson for the day! Have a good week!


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