Friday, August 24, 2007

Africa Hot!

Well, it has been Africa hot here! With that and the kids going back to school I've got a lot done in the past week. In my quest to rid this house of the typical surburban white fireplace that everyother house in any subdivision has, that has been fullfilled. I asked Scotty in California to make me a little bit larger mantal to fit on top of the one we have. His reply, "Let me see if I have a tree big enough." I kid you not! :-) He did not, and had to succumb to the lumber yard at Lowes. But he prevailed, he cut it and put a beautiful bevel on it, and stained it walnut and it looks great! I painted the white, cream and brown glazed like the kitchen cabinets. Painted over the gold on the gas fireplace, and Brian and I retiled over the old stuff. We in turn vowed never to tile again and decided those tile guys are severly under paid!
Heres a pic, click on it to make it bigger, sort of like me opening the pantry door.........

I also just wrapped up the website I was making for author Nancy Turner. She is just wonderful to email with, and it's nice to enjoy the author as much as the stories she tells. I contacted her out of the blue because I loved the cover on her second book "Sarah's Quilt" and thought it would make a neat webpage. :-) It turns out that it is the quilt of her great great grandmother in the story and she couldn't be happier that the website graphics are made from it.
Heres her site...

I told her she must be famous because somebody bought the domain and wanted to make some money off of her to have it, so we went the .net route. :-)
Kids are back in school, and back in their old routine of getting up in the ungodly hours of the morning. Went to Collins classes last night and he has a pretty good crop of teachers. Ian's open house is next week. Had Ian's Sr. picture taken last week, when I get the proofs I will share some on here.

No news in the Brian dept. with the exception of Mim sending a video of movies of his first year. I will try and put some on youtube and share him (and Brenda thinking he is a huge doll) with the world. They put the movies to music, just the melodys and the first one is.....I feel like a woman by Faith Hill. Too funny! Thanks Mim that was an incredibly nice thing to do!

That's about it...stay cool!



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