Saturday, May 3, 2008

Where to start?

My surgery went well on Tuesday, we got there at six and were home by ten. I slept the day away with some help from Vicodin. By Wednesday I felt myself again. Actually today was the first time I've had any discomfort but I was up and around a lot...and a lot of stairs.

Brian was going to put in the new counter top in the half bath surgery day since he took the day off but didn't want to wake me. He put it in today, along with a new faucet and light fixture too. Tomorrow we go shopping for a mirror.

Next step.....beadboard all around the bottom of the walls up to the top of the vanity.

We also went and voted today, to avoid the crowds on Tuesday. Hillary or O'bama are here somewhere in the state it seems every day. Bill is showing up in these really small towns, I think they are hiding him! We get about three phone calls a day solicitating votes. It's a bit crazy! I'm surprised none have showed up here yet, if any of them come to a big enough venue it would be a fun thing to see.

And speaking of crazy... Ian voted today for the first time! I can't tell you how many county council meetings he has gone to for his Gov't class this semester, so it's nice he has had such an exciting primary to vote in for his first time. Can't wait till January, it's been a very long 8 years....I'm Bushed!



Ditaur said...
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LadyBelle said...

Glad you are feeling better, M&M! I hope the Clintons and Obamas didn't crowd you Indianians too much. I heard Chelesa was at Purdue at one point.


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