Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lola's Spoooooooooky Birthday!

So, I do make cupcakes. They are more for us than for Lola, esp. since they are chocolate cupcakes and chocolate is a no-no for dogs. So I go to put one candle on a cupcake and I have all that type of stuff in a little box in my baking cabinet.

I see one pink candle laying out of any candle box in the bottom of the supply box. With all boys we usually always have pink candles. :-) So I dig out the pink candle and go to put it on the cupcake, and there is a Montana hair on it. Hair gets everywhere with dogs, but usually the inside of cabinets, well the top cabinets are safe.

Maybe it was just his way of saying....
Don't forget me.
I'm okay.
I'm still here.

or maybe..... I want a cupcake too!

Of course there is the singing and then we scare the crap out of the dog with fire!



Holly said...

Dogs and fire, how great is that. I love how they are all excited about the cupcake until you light the candle and then they back across the room yet the thought of maybe getting the food entices them back... until they remember that teeny, tiny flame, then they back up again.

Chirre said...

Aaawww.. ain't she a cutie! Loved the pic in you other post where she lookes like she's smiling!

So Happy BD, Lola.. Lo-lo-lo-le-loooola! :)


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