Sunday, November 1, 2009

Home is where the heart is.... or in this case better weather is!

In the last two weeks, well since the 21st, I have been to Surrey, BC to host a gathering of net friends in honor of Diana Gabaldon's newest book "An Echo of a Bone". We were entertained by dancing skeletons Gayle and Ginny!

We had a White Elephant Exchange and by the look on my face you know it was Craptacular!

And somehow Scotty always gets the girl!

I will have more on Surrey when I make the web page. Surrey, B.C., is always cloudy and rainy, and a bit chilly. I have been going there every year for about 10 years, and can coun't the few sunny days on one hand. The sun just doesn't shine, I've decided I rather have clear skies and snow instead. Cloudy skies are a bit depressing.

When I got back I had just enough time to do some (the washing machine broke as I was washing) laundry, shop for food for Scotty (he was staying and watching the dogs) and pack for Disney.

Here's Collin and Brian on the Runaway Mine Train... I was good this year and didn't go eat an entire Funnel Cake while they were on the ride. (They line wasn't long enough, they would of come back while I was in the middle of it! :-)

Here's the close-up of them.

Florida was having an October heat wave, it was in the very high 80's and very humid, first day we were there it was 97% humidity. I have never seen my hair so curly or ugly. There is no amount of money that would make me move to Florida, I would never have straight hair again!

I will take the snow and cold, for beautiful falls and springs. Just remind me of that in February will you?




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