Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They're Baaaaaack!

It's spring! Every year a duck couple come to visit in the spring, we always see them in the yard, or for some odd reason on the neighbor's roof. So this morning when I was opening the blinds I saw the female in the back yard. I went and got the camera, had to find the right memory card to put, for some reason the others would show as full. Finally, I took about 8 pictures waiting for the duck to get out of the mulch so you could see him, batteries ran out in the middle of it all, and finally got a picture.

The female is on the far left, and the male is over the fence on the far right.

Then I go turn on the puter, sit down, here the dogs bark, and what's right in front of the window. One picture, both ducks, in about 45 seconds.

They are back, it's spring, all is right with the world!
(Meaning snow is gone, gone, gone!)




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