Saturday, December 18, 2010

Been Busy....... can you tell?

There were I dont know how many days, putting up insulation in Scotty's garage. We started when it was really hot out, and ended when it was getting really cold out. Neither of us could go for very long with looking up all the time doing the ceiling, so it took us forever!

What an icky job..... and itchy job too!

Then we headed back up to Brian's brothers and finished the faux wainscoting. For their wedding gift, I offered make their master bedroom all spanking new. Lot's of stripping of wallpaper, paint, and a amazing deal on chair rail molding. Never have seen it on clearance before, but $22 7 ft. pieces of chair rail for $8 bucks each! Saved a ton of money on it !

Scotty then made the molding for wainscoting insets. He got a new router, and he's been having fun with it ever since!

I thought I took a picture of the finished product, but I guess not. It looks really neat when all painted and finished. I came home looking where I could do it in my house! Here's almost finished!

I felt bad because their house had a lot of stairs and 80 year olds and stairs aren't a good match. One days work, and he's out of commission for a while, sad thing is..... so was I at almost half his age! :)

In my never ending quest in not having to get up to let the dogs out, that was accomplished this week! Brian put a doggie door in our sunroom screen door when we moved in here seven years ago, so three seasons out of the year, the dogs just come and go as they please.

Here's Lola trying to figure it out.

But in the winter, it's too cold to leave the slider open to the sunroom w/o losing a ton of heat. But....... Scotty to the rescue!

Lowe's or Home Depot usually have a little section for returned custom items, like custom paint colors for $5 a gallon, or even doors! We went to Lowe's for a piece of plywood to set a dog door in, and instead we found a 20 in. wide door for $5.55! A custom order someone didn't want or whatever, their loss... my doggie door door!

We can just pop it in for winter, and still use the slider to get in and out of the sunroom!

It's Wonderful!

Scotty's Guest Bedroom is done!

His amazing bed he made.... yes made, scroll down the blog to see the "before" pic. This is the most expensive thing in the room, it was $80 for wood.

The cubie thing, and a shelf made from scrap wood and old brackets from my half bath painted white. I covered the clearance shade I got with left over quilting fabric I had.

That I also used for the windows.

Which was left over from a quilt I got years ago for $20, that I made the window treatments out of for my guest bedroom.

Did I say done? I still have to stain the corner desk that he made out of a $20 used table,but that's basically it in there.

What an amazing man! Don't worry he's taken care of for Christmas, I have loaded him up with Peanut butter fudge and cookies!

Now I just have about four more batches of cookies to make, a bit of gift shopping, and a lot of food shopping, and I will be set for Christmas!


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