Friday, June 1, 2012

The Macaroni Grill Headboard!

When we were in Florida we had lunch at The Macaroni Grill, while walking out I saw this partition they had and said to Brian......

Replace that frosted glass with some tin ceiling tile, that would make a really cool headboard! 

So.... when I got home, I sort of planned it out quick in Paint Shop so I wouldn't forget.

Then Scotty and I went shopping....

I was originally going to use two faux ceiling tiles, but.... they weren't wide enough when we got it all sorted out.   I also didn't use the garden hanging brackets I bought, and the wood caps and balls. 

I found some brackets at the website that worked better.

and some cast iron balls which is what I originally wanted on ebay...

For the tin ceiling tile..... I bought the same wallpaper I used for Scotty's kitchen backsplash.

We will see how it holds up, its pretty tough when you get paint on it. :)   And it's only 13 bucks a roll.  I used..... one piece.... have most of the roll left.   I planned the panels on the headboard so I could swap out the panels and put something else in if  I didn't want copper anymore.

Scotty is pretty amazing....  he looks at what I draw and sort of makes something out of it.  We shop for wood, he cuts it all out and put's it together..... then takes it apart.  I bring it home and stain it all, he usually spray paints..... since I get the runs. :)  Then we put it all together again.

The whole thing came to about 118.00 but around 17-18 of that was shipping charges.


Oh, I had the mushroom ravioli!



Visual I said...

Good gawds, M, you and Scotty oughta go into business. =P

Colleen said...

Michelle that's GORGEOUS! You and Scotty do such good work. (and I'm glad to see you blogging again)

Unknown said...
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Maria said...

So freakin' cool! Love it. :) I agree, you and Scotty make an awesome team, you should go into business.

BetsyG said...

Seriously!!! When can I send you plane tickets to Greencastle?????

BetsyG said...

oh it is gorgeous btw perhaps I'll come sleep in it!!


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