Friday, June 15, 2007

Boy Crazy!

The boys came back from their "mancation" on Thursday. They went to Yellowstone Park for five days, where they hiked and saw lots of animals, especially bison. Had great weather with the exception of one day. I will get a scrap book up of the pictures one of these days. Above is a picture of them on Mount Washington, seems it was very cold and sunny and Ian got a wicked sunburn. He had his hood up like that all the time so it was in the form of a circle on his face! :-) Brian came home with two HUGE blisters . Brought me chocolate as a souveigner...good boys!

I received the other drawing of the boys last week! Sue does just amazing work, and is so reasonable! Her website is on the left...The Art of Surprise!

Went to Rachael's graduation party last week! I had made a little beach bag with necessities for college. Toothbrush, flip-flops, towel, things like that with little poems attached. Also bought her a very very large pair of old lady white cotton underwear and put her name on the back "Rachael's Panties" with the following poem...

Hang these old lady panties on your dorm room door,
and Dad won't worry about the boys anymore!

Sunday is neice Kim's Bridal Shower, she's getting married in Sept. to a wonderful guy. I like him lots, because he once killed a spider for me! :-) Renee and Elise are coming tonight and we will all go to Cinncin on Saturday to Georgia's... sisters are a wonderful thing!

Kids are out of school, Brians back to work on Monday, and Target seems to be calling me....all is right with the world.



Marcie said...

Glad your guys made it home and are still all alive. *g* Have fun with your sisters this weekend. Hugs!


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