Monday, June 18, 2007

These is my Words!

I read this book by Nancy E. Turner back in 98. I had just learned over the spring there was a sequel, nabbed it on Ebay :-), and read it. "These is my Words" is the diary of a young girl (hence the bad grammer in the title) who moves to Arizona in the late 1800's. So it's filled with the hardships one endured making a cross country move by wagon during that time. Starts out with the bad grammar of an uneducated pioneer girl and as Sarah grows, so does her use of the English language and her writings. It's like Little House on the Prairie for adults!
Anyway....I really enjoyed them and immediately after the sequel I went to see if the author had a website. She did.....and it was not very pretty! :-) So out of the blue I emailed her and asked if I could make a nicer one for her, in appreciation of two very good reads! The third book in the series comes out in September of this year, and the website will be up and running on her own server long before then...its still a work in progress, I dont even have the new cover yet, but thought I would share...

Authors are just the bestest!


Gina said...

Hi M&M! I have this book on my "wish list" at Amazon. I'm going to have to go actually BUY it now! :)

M&M's Blog said...

Gina, you could prolly get a nice used copy on Ebay cheaper. :-) Thanks for visiting.



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