Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Yellowstone Mancation!

Hello All!

I finally got some pictures of the boys mancation uploaded to a slideshow. I was waiting for two rolls of film to be developed. It usually takes us a year to get film developed. :-) But we took it in this weekend, only to find out that there was nothing on them. We think they got zapped by the airport xray machines. Luckily they had the digital camera with them also so they have some photos. Brian looks as happy as ever and the kids look as put out as ever!

Last weekend Brian and I went and saw Ocean's 13 while the boys saw Die Hard...both groups approved of their choices.

We are expecting rain this 4th of July so we will prolly just hit the movies...maybe "Evan Almighty", or I think they renamed it..."Aunt Cheryl in Texas!"

Without further ado....enjoy the pictures!


Have a safe fourth!

...this slideshow software is neat, and it's free! Here's the link...


Marcie said...

Wow....what great pictures! And they got to see buffalo, bears and waterfalls and a geyser too. How cool! You have got to do a digi scrap page for the man-cation woman! *g*

Thanks for the linkie and it's so sad about all the other pics that were lost. :-(



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