Tuesday, July 24, 2007

3-Adults 1-Child

The big news for today is that Ian turned 18! I'm not sure when I got so old but I believe it was about at 1:07 p.m. this afternoon. I always ask the kids what they want for their birthday dinner, they can either stay home or go out. Ian picked chicken/cheese/brocolli casserole...of all things! I guess we are all cheap dates!

Here's a picture....also a hair update too!

Last Friday Mim and Sylvia took a ride out here to celebrate Ians adulthood. We went out to dinner and had cake. Oh and looked at some old pictures Barry was converting from slides. Let me get one to share. :-)

That would be Brian and Norm on the night of their Mafia induction! Im not sure of the year but Im guessing its Brians HS graduation, I remember he wore that suit. Are they stylin' or what?????? I think its .....what?????

Tomorrow we are off to Lake James in Angola to visit and some boating with friends. Thurs. my old (she has a 19 year old *grin*)neighbor is visiting while passing through Indy.

Yesterday my mom would of been 74, it's been two years already. And she is still very much missed.

It's been beautiful here, hope its the same where you are!



Marcie said...

Congrats to Ian on becoming an adult! Wooohooo! Too funny, the picture of his Dad at about the same age.

(((M)))) I know missing your Mom is hard, no matter how much time goes by.

Have a good visit with your friends and loved the "nature" photos in your last post.

Niagra Falls next month huh? Not buying any barrels are ya? *g*

Alison said...

M&M! This is l.ali from Lallybroch. Just thought I would say hello on your blog posted on my and dh anniversary. You very well done websites. Is this what you do for a living? DH is an IT guy looking for someone to help him with the more artistic part of web design. I'd love to help, but have never taken a graphics class...only drawing. Thanks for letting me be nosey :o)


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