Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I can't believe it's October already.

The last weekend in September was niece Kim and her new husband Mike's wedding! Cheryl, Brent and Rosebud came in for the weekend from Texas. Brent and Rosebud took notes since they are getting married in May. For those of you that have seen Georgia's girls, you know how beautiful they are, you may not know that they have the kindest of hearts - just like their mom.
Kim, being kissed by Jamie and Mom...

Kim and Mike...

Girls (well me) like Mike because he kills spiders for us. Boys like him, because he use to race motorcycles.

He is a wonderful sweet man, and if him and Kim have half the marriage their parents do, they will be very happy! They will be making their new home in Dallas, we will miss them way too much and expect them home in two years pressure Kim and Mike, but two years or we come get ya!:-) Cheryl can't have you forever! Matter of fact we might just drag Cheryl's ass back with ya! Cheryl, you can only bring two dogs. Choose wisely! *grin*

Brian and I just last night returned from Wisconsin, we had a quick 36 hour trip, about 18 of those hours were spent driving. Renee came up from Chicago. Aunt Bette lost her companion Bob. Bob was a great great guy, he will be missed.......not only by Bette, but everyone that had the pleasure of meeting the man. The whole Wisconsin cemetary tour has left me in a bit of a funk I admit. Too sad.

One of our cousins sent some pics home with us. Renee theres one of you at 5 1/2 months of you and mom wrote on the back you were eating looks like "trash"! I guess too young to talk trash! :-) Renee, Brian and I are guessing you came home through Milwaukee, or you might still be driving...we arent sure! There was a picture with one of you three sisters on Grandpa's lap, I couldnt tell who, till I just scanned it. Georgia, I do believe its you! From the date of the picture, I'm guessing the high chair is mine, must of been napping. :-)

They are mostly duplicate pictures, a couple to scan, and I will get them out to you.

Ian started his new job today. He will be working at a pizza place here in town. Collin is doing great in school, and seems to be growing his hair long...uh oh!

Next week I leave for my reading group gathering in Vancouver, looking forward to some... a lot.. of laughs. Then when I get back we drive the doggers to Camp Grandpa & ma Moores and we all leave for our, I think its our 9th trip to Disney World. So it might just be...

No-waaaaaaaaay-vember when you see me on here again!




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