Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weeeeeeeee're Back!

We are all home and back to normal!

Sunday the 14th I went up to South Bend to do the annual Hospice Walk. We are down to one mile and a hot fudge sundae afterwards. Again it was Fr. Bill's treat on the sundae, I reminded him again I was a cheap date then proceeded to ask how much a sundae was the last time he took a girl out. Well it seems in 1949 a sundae was 35 cents and Im not such a cheap date after all! Fr. Bills retirement home is directly across the street the street from St. Marys college.

After the Hospice walk I met Gretchens daughter , my God daughter Rachael MICHELLE at St. Marys and we went for dinner. Got a little mini tour of St. Marys college which after 14 years of living near there I had never seen. It's beautiful! Rachael has lost some weight it seems that the cooks at St. Marys has nothing on Gretchen......I doubt their brownies are nearly as good! I will be back Rachael although you do make me miss your momma!

That week I also went on my annual trip to Surrey, Canada. I host a little get together with one of my favorite authors and a bunch of fun people off my reading group. We just have the best weekend together. I had mentioned at one time I hated bananas and anything to do with them so they all planned a Banana Intervention in which I was given a lovely banana hat, jewelery, cookbooks, singing gorilla and more. Dared to eat a piece of banana. It was bascially Fear Factor for me, although seeing Ginny in a giant banana costume eased the fear a bit.

Ginny aka banana lady and Gayle are two of the funnest women I know! They remind me of me and Gretchen they have fun wherever they go! Although I'm thinking there is nothing in the world that would get Gretchen in a banana costume!

While driving up from Seattle, I stopped for some snacks for the gathering and found Collin a Wii! He really wanted one for his birthday, so much so he's is paying half the cost of it, and we have been looking for month to no avail, so as petty as it sounds it was a highlight of my trip.

Then the day after I got home we all left for a family trip to Disney World. Staying at Port Orleans as usual. Weather was hot, but overcast, so nice. Not unbearable hot, and not a lot of rain either. Brian got Ian on Everest coaster this year. This is usually the last ride they go on at Animal Kingdom, we had ponchos this year so they were basically dry when they got off.

click on the pic and they are on the top left.

Brian and I took a behind the scenes tour of Disney. You had to be 16 to take the tour, so Ian and Collin went off by themselves. It was pretty neat, we went down into the basement of the Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is actually built one story up and there is a basement below the main circle of it. We also went to where they build and maintain the floats for the parade, and behind the gates where the parades start and finish so you saw a lot of people running around getting their costumes on, and one lady running around with just a green witch chin. What we learned most was, for as much as people think we are Disney crazy.....we are not! *grin*

We left out of Chicago so the doggers spent the week with grandma and pa and we got to visit some too, which was great! By Sunday we were all beat, and I drove three sleeping boys and two snoring dogs home.

Ian and I both caught something. Ian came down with it Sunday afternoon, and me Monday night. I thought it was a cold but it seems it may be the flu. Which is not to horribly bad since I get to sit on the puter alot and should lose the three pounds I gained on my vacations.

Hope all is well on your end!




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