Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sonntag! Sonntag! Soooooonntaaaaaag!

Guten Tag!

Today Brian and I met Georgia and Will half-way between here and Cincinn at a German restaurant. It was lots o' fun, and time well spent eating and laughing, more laughing than eating....well maybe it was tied, we had dessert! Will seemed very excited to go to this place, it seems the man doesn't get to wear his lederhosen as much as he would like...

William ist sehr hübsch in seinem lederhosen!
(Will looks very handsome in his lederhosen!)

And more on Georgia's clan...
Jamie is in Reno doing a internship. She is giving snow mobile tours at a park there. Yes! She gets paid for this! I imagine though she gets pretty wicked Helmet Head!

Jamie in Helmet.

Don't worry she is keeping warm, I sent some of The Bronze Horseman series of books to her to read and so I'm sure Shura is keeping Jamie toasty! If you read the books, you'll know why....wink...wink!!!!

For some reason people are always telling me I have too much time on my hands. [shrugs shoulders] This happened again last week when someone had asked how I painted the kitchen cabinets. This is about the fifth or sixth time someone has asked me how so as long as was typing it out I decided to put it on a webpage. So If you or anyone else would like to know how I painted the kitchen cabinets just go here...

You'll notice on this page I put google ads. I bet you see these google ads on all sorts of pages you look at. The reason why is you get paid by google if anyone clicks on the ads. I thought I would try it for my pages I get a lot of traffic on, like the Claire's Ring page, and some of my favorite book pages, and I hope this page in time will come up when people google about "painting kitchen cabinets". I've been doing since December and it seems to me that it adds up to 20 cents a click. So I have about 20 dollars in my google account. It's not much but it's 20 more than I had before! :-)

Auf Wiedersehen!



Marcie said...

There ya go! I just clicked 80 cents worth. *g* Love that you put your cabinet painting details online. I had sent your kitchen picture to my SIL a long time ago and now she can see how you did it. And I'll tell her to click a little while she is there too. *g*


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