Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday, Sunday....Suuuuuundaaaaaaaay!

This past Sunday I drove up to South Bend to have lunch with Gretchen after she dropped off Rachael at school. For those of you that don't know we have been friends since the age of three, she says four, after I think about it she might just be right. We got married a week apart, were maid of honors in each others weddings, and we both married our high school sweethearts, had our first babies 9 months apart. Hmmmm...makes me want to dig up a picture.

Here we all are circa October 1985, she made my wedding dress too!

We went to lunch at Carabba's, we thought we were in the bathroom alone and talking about something you shouldn't be talking about in the bathroom and when we were washing our hands we heard someone cough! We just started laughing and ran out of there before the person would see what we looked like. When you have known someone this long we have a tendency we act like the four years olds we once were! :-)

After lunch I took Gretchen to the priest retirement home to meet Fr. Bill. He gave Gretchen a tour, and she was just as impressed with the snack room off the la-z-boy filled big screen TV room as I was. It was nice since it was still decorated for xmas and there were filled candy dishes scattered all around the place, it was like Trick-or-Treating! We then tried to figure out a way to get Gretchen's dad in the priesthood so he could get one of those nice rooms!

Then more visiting with Rachael sitting in her dorms lobby, listening to college life. She's doing great at St. Mary's with the exception of her pants accidently falling down in her Italian class......but thankfully she has a male teacher and now will be getting A's!

Rachael and her Italian teacher 6 months later!

The boys stayed home and watched football. Woo-Hoo!


p.s. That's not really Rachael's Italian teacher! I think its her English teacher! *grin*


Merrymags said...

You were a darling bride. What a lovely dress that was.


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