Friday, February 29, 2008

A Head's Up!

Saw "The Other Boleyn Girl" today, I read the book only last year so was thrilled they were making a movie of it, and have been anxiously awaiting to view these characters in person. But like most novels made into film there's a good chance one will be disappointed. I did enjoy the movie, but I thought it dragged a bit.

Scarlett Johansson makes a wonderful Mary, I've seen better portrayals of every other character. Natalie Portman's Anne was okay. I even think Jonathon Rhys Myers of "The Tudors" is a better Henry than Eric Bana. I wasn't afraid of Henry VIII in this movie and if there is one thing we know when the time comes for an ax to be swinging and heads to be rolling, one should be a bit afraid of Henry!

If you are into period pieces for the costums....see it.
If you are into this period in English history....see it.

If you want the real lowdown on Mary before you see it, do a quikapedia! :-)

I've noticed with movies that if I'm really looking forward to something, I'm usually disappointed. If I hear something is really bad, I usually think it's pretty okay. This movie, I hadn't heard anything since it just came out today, and really wanted to see it before I heard any negatives or positives about it so my perspective of it wasn't tainted....and I came away thinking...

Good movie...but a little disappointed.


Marg said...

I'll go and see it because I loved the book, but I don't have really high expectations. It seemed to me that Eric Bana was miscast write from day one!

Merrymags said...


I was really hoping this would be a gem. With the likes of Scarlett and Natalie I thought it had the chance of being good. I agree that Eric Bana was a miscast -- not fierce or redheaded enough!!!

I'll see it though I've greatly lowered my expectations.


Karyn said...

I agree with you, it kind of dragged and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't read the book. But still a pretty movie (nice costumes, good cast, except for Eric Bana who was way too dark for Henry...)


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