Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Someone posted on one of my reading group boards that they were going to a Psyhic and if anyone had any stories. I have one! :-) My sister Cheryl went to a reading last year, and I wrote what she told me down so I wouldn't forget it. It was the first week in March last year....

Tonight my sister was at work and someone asked if she wanted to go to a seance type deal last minute, someone cancelled or something. That these people had this old house in McKinney Texas, and they wanted to remodel but knew they had some ghost in the house and wanted to see if it was okay to remodel. *G* They had an extra space at the table at the house.

So my sisters goes with, she doesnt know the lady that is doing the reading, or the people that live in the house. She lost her boxer over the winter and she wanted to make sure the dog didnt suffer, it died in her arms. So shes just wants this seer to tell her her dog is okay, so shes concentrating on Zena the whole time. She said she's literally thinking Zena, Zena, Zena.......when this all starts *G*

So theres about seven of them sitting at the table. The seer...for lack of a better name....says theres a man with a birthday cake who is saying he is sorry. And she is looking at my sister. She asks my sister if its her birthday.........and my sister She asks if her father was alive......and my sister And she asks when her father died.......and my sister says........oh, he died on my birthday. So the seer is saying that he was telling her that he is okay and not to fret that he died on her birthday. Thats my dad and his ego, thinking that she is still upset about him dying on her birthday. *G* Cheryl is not one for dates. :-)

The seer says theres a woman next to her clutching her heart and then holding it out to you. She keeps going to heart and saying its okay and then she holds her heart out to you. She asks if our mom is still alive, Cheryl Cheryl and my mom had a falling out and havent spoken in about 20 years. Cheryl always says, even though she wasnt talking with mom, that falling out taught her her most important lesson in life......keep your mouth shut with your sons girlfriends. *g* When my dad died, he left us a very little bit of money. Cheryl gave her money to me and I put it in bonds it was to pay for my moms buriel when my mom died. Which will be two years ago next week. When I was in Texas weekend before last Cheryl was saying how, she just knew if mom was still alive and they met up that everything would be okay between them once they saw each other.

So now the seer says she sees a dog on a dinner table and its licking peoples faces and my sister is thinking oh this is Zena! Turns out it was someone elses dog. *G*

So the going back to different people and she keeps coming back to Cheryl saying this couple is standing behind her and want to speak to her again. Cheryl doesnt give the lady any information about her because she doesnt want to fill the lady with ideas of her before she says stuff. The seer says.......they want to tell you that we are okay now and are together. Not together in a romantic way my sister said. *G* My parents were divorced and they didnt like each other very much.

So the seer is looking around the table and says.....who has a sibling with the name George......something with a "G"......(my sister isnt saying anything).....maybe a state like Georgia. So my sister says thats me.....she told me that she was feeling guilty that she was the main focus of this reading and wanted to make real sure it was her. My sisters name is Georgia. So the seer says.......that to tell Georgia that your mom and dad want her to know its okay, and they are okay, they know she is having a rough time but its all okay.My sister Georgia has been having a really hard time with my moms passing. The seer keeps telling Cheryl that they are telling her to make sure she calls Georgia and tells her that they are okay to make sure she calls her sister soon.

Then the seer says......Im getting a Missy......she said its a funny name Misty ....its Missy ....not Miss .....and my sister says .....thats my other sisters name. Which is me......its my crappy nickname I hate and only my family calls me that. *G*

This is when my sister craps her pants because nobody would know that besides family. And they tell my sister that they know Im doing okay with it all.

Then the seer says.....okay a French name, I cant make it out.....Paris, or something....and my sister says nothing because she still doesnt want to lead the woman on.....and the seer says something about maybe its with an "R", which then my sister says.....its me again.....its my other sister Renee. To which the seer says......Renee is okay too. Renee is the one that went through all the cancer stuff right after my mom died. So we dont know if this means Renee is okay, or Renee is okay with my parents gone.

Then she gets some readings for other people and she comes back to Cheryl and says theres another man a father here for you. Charles or Chuck. My sister says she doesnt have a father named Charles and the seer your husbands father Charles or Chuck. Youre to tell your husband that everything is okay, and not to worry. My sisters husband, had a falling out with his father and they werent talking for about 30 years. *G* Yeah, his fathers name was Chuck.

Then there was a women in a high neck blouse that wanted to talk to Cheryl but she doesnt know who that was.

So then the seer says to my sister.......there are so many people here wanting to talk to you, that you might not want to open your eyes when you go to sleep tonight. And thats why my sister called to make sure I couldnt sleep tonight either I guess. *G*

So this old house was in the little cute old town of McKinney and my sister lives about 30 minutes away, so she has to drive home in the dark all by herself on these country roads.

What jumps infront of the car on the way home......a boxer. *G*


Pretty cool huh!

I feel like I always need a picture on here!

One of my favorite pictures of my mom.

I'm off to go shovel a couple inches of snow of the's hoping you don't have any!



Marcie said...

I am hearing that music theme to a scary movie here! OMG!Fascinating and thrilling and downright scary at the same time. How could that woman have POSSIBLY known all that stuff! *shiver*

Now I don't think _I_ can sleep. Hahaha!

Love the sweet picture of your Mom and hugs as you approach the 2 year anniversary of living without her in your life. (((((M&M)))))

Thanks for the comment on my blog too!

Chirre said...

Wow, that was pretty amazing, I dear say!

Have you talked to the sister after that? What did she think?

I think those kind of things are pretty amazing! :) I've been to an astrologist once, and am going next month again. He was pretty amazing, too, so I just have to go again!

Your Mom was so cute in that pic! I know what it's like to lose a parent, so hugs to ya girl! ((((M))))


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