Sunday, March 23, 2008

Michelle has had her chocolate all is right with the world...

Happy Easter!
Let me go get a peep before I start writing, I haven't had one yet today....

I just had one blue bunny!

As of last week it was just us for Easter. Then on Wednesday, Lisa took me to lunch for my birthday and I invited her family over for dessert. I count my blessings every week we have them for neighbors. Then Thursday Gretchen calls and they wanted to come down, and they haven't been all down here together in about two and a half years......woo-hoo full house for Easter!

Also on Thursday I decided I have got to lose some weight and thought I would try Weight Watchers with a start date of Monday. Very much encouraged by Marilyn, a friend that lost five pounds in less than a week her first week starting it. So I thought I needed to bake to get it out of my system and with lots for dessert on Sunday......this was my chance.

I started with sugar cookies....
ended with chocolate mousse...
with a white chocolate cheesecake, apple pie, another cheesecake Ian likes all made in between.

I pretty much dont want to see any of these things again for a very long time!

Right before Gretchen and family left she wanted to get a picture of the kids. So they layed out on the floor like they did around 12 years ago.

Also took a picture of us grown-ups and I will not be posting that anywhere, maybe I will just cut my head out of it and put that big fat head on the fridge just in case I get the urge to eat any more crapola!

Happy Easter Everyone!



Chirre said...

*gasp!!* I've missed your BD?!!? Och, noooo! So sorry, luv! Hope you had a wonderful one!

Loved the pic of the kids! :)

And good luck with WW! If you know where I can buy a backbone so I can join them, you'll let me know, OK? I'd kinda need one! ;)

Marcie said...

BIRTHDAY?????????? YOU HAD A BIRTHDAY??????!!!!!!! Well, woman, I didn't know a thing about it or I woulda baked you a virtual cake! *G*

Glad you had a good Easter and loved the pic of the kids. Too cute.

WW.......let me know how it goes. And good luck!



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