Tuesday, April 1, 2008

...and were off!

I don't even know when I finished it, but I made a website for a horse clinic in Texas. The incredibly lovely office manager Angela got me the job. Angela is the Tartan candle girl, and horse hair bracelet gal I made websites for

Here's the great candles she makes-

Here's her incredibly cool bracelets

Here's the vet's site website up and running

Just starting to make a site for another friend...she's a doula! You're gonna have to google if you don't know what it is. :-) And one for Gretchen's alterations business.

Now, I'm trying to get the jewelers going with my jewelry projects but it's been slow going. I was hoping to have it up and running by now, but talked to her today and she said she will light some matches under some people....only she said it nicer! :-)

I stuck to Weight Watchers for the whole week and lost five pounds. I didn't think I would lose that much in a week on their program, so I was pleasantly surprised. It's nice to be able to eat what you want, and you know me...one night it was ice cream with a brownie for dinner! Oh that was Tuesday, when Betsy an online friend stopped by on their way through Indy with her cute daughter. Oh and Friday I met up with another online friend Kris for dinner at Maggiano's for dinner. I saved all my extra points and had a half order of mushroom ravioli with alfredo sauce. :-) I've met some of the neatest people through online book clubs, and these are two of them!

The kids are off next week for spring break. Brian is going to take them on a quick trip to Chicago for a Sox game, we're hoping it warms up a bit.

That's about it... oh wait......a picture...
I finished a casting you tube I made for a Katherine Swynford Yahoo Group I started, and handed off to another person there. It's for the book "Katherine" by Anya Seton, the group offered suggestions, then voted on them and here's the winners. It's pretty, the border graphics I made from some Book of Kells images (which is what I want to see most in Ireland). It's the first time I got a copyright notice on the music from you tube when I uploaded it, but it's okay Sting doesn't care! :-)
There's about 400 in the group from all over, so some actors you might not know.

Katherine was John of Gaunt's mistress and had four children by him. He was the son of the King Edward II, and Katherine was a commoner. He married Blanch, then Constanza the Queen of Castile, many years later when she died, he went back to Katherine and married her, and the Pope legitimized their children, Henry the VIII is related to them. Katherine's sister Philippa was married to Chaucer, who you prolly heard of...a writer...Cantebury Tales.

I've made a website for this book too, it gets about 200 hits a month, and about four times a year I will get a letter from someone going into lengthy detail on how they are related to Katherine. What they don't know is about, oh I think it was 80% of England can trace their roots back to Katherine.

There's your little history lesson for the day! Have a good week!



Marg said...

Another great job on this video, M!

Merrymags said...

Hello Michelle:

Been awhile since I visited your blog. Loved the video -- love all your videos! (BTW, you may want to correct the typo about John of Gaunt and Katharine's son, John, being the father of Henry VIII....their daughter, Margaret, was mother to Henry VII, who then was father to H8.)



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