Monday, August 11, 2008

It's All in a Name!

All our labs have been from AKC breeders, you pay a lot more, but their hips, eyes, now elbows are "certified", meaning they haven't been bred with a dog that isn't certified, in labradors that means certified no bad hips, eyes and elbows. So let's say I buy a pet store dog (i.e. puppy mill) or one advertised for around 250.00 in the Sunday paper, there's a good chance that those dogs will cost you a fortune later in vet bills and will be very very hyper!

We like English labs, they are calmer, stockier, big chest, with a bigger head, compared to a field/hunting lab which their coats are oily,bodies are leaner, smaller heads and usually a bit hyper.

All that to say once you get a AKC labrador you can register it with the AKC. You don't have to but we do just for a silly little certificate with your dogs AKC name. For example:


My dad had a dog named Lieber, and I thought it was the cutest German name, so I always knew my first dog would be named that. Lieber's AKC name was "Das Lieber Hund"


was "ManChuno's Future Promises" the breeders named him, since he was already a year when we got him. He was suppose to be a stud dog hence the "future promises" instead he was a lazy dog who was perfectly comfortable with no pink crayon duties what so ever. Although he did have a crush on the old Brittney Spaniel next door Maggie. We are thinking Maggie was a cougar! :-)


She is named after Lego's because that's all the kids ever played with when we got her. So the man who invented Lego's name was Legot. Lego's AKC name was "Wegot Legot" So you moms and dads know exactly who to curse when you step on a Lego in bare feet.....Legot!

Which brings us to Lola!

Lola's name just came to me one day in the car, there was no rhyme or reason to it. The kids didn't like it, so we tried for another name but just couldn't find one we all liked. We wanted to name her either after Montana or a German name, so we looked at cities in the state of Montana and didn't care for any, and all the other German names besides Lieber sounded too harsh. I did like Gretel though. So Lola it is, with her full AKC name being... "Miss Lola M" The "M" is for Montana, we really wanted Montana in there somehow when we found out Lola was born the day Montana died.

I just updated Lola's picture page if you want to take a peek HERE!

Hmmmmm wonder what my AKC name would be, I'm thinking...

Ms. Poopie Picker Upper for the rest of her Lifer!

or just.......



Colleen LeHoser said...

I just knew that you would update you blog once you posted the linkie to the latest Lola photos on LOL and FFF *g*. (Thank goodness for that update too - my eyes are permanently seared with the image of Brian's photoshopped head atop that nudie patootie *g*!) I loved this latest blog post - you have an interesting and thoughtful way in conducting your life, and I enjoy reading about it - I love learning about your point of view - you are a verra interesting friend to have Mski - nub noo!

Holly said...

Lola is so cute! I too am so glad you updated your blog because if I had to click on her one more time and see Brian's head atop that body...well, lets just say it was becoming deeply disturbing to me, LOL.

M&M's Blog said...

Listen to you two...what if I told you that WAS Brian's body! *g*'s not.


Colleen LeHoser said...

If you tried to sell me on those firm globular buttocks as truly belonging to Brian, I'd have proof that you were still suffering the effects of sleep deprivation during Lola's spell of very early morning wake up calls!! (tis a very rare desk job that produces bodacious booty such as seen in that shot!*g*)


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