Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Head Swapping...

There is one phrase I hear all the time, "Just don't let her get a good picture of your head!"

I have this habit of head swapping. I started simply on my annual Christmas page. This one Brian seems to bring up a lot...

(I would just like to point out if I have swapped this head now, I would of made sure the color of his head matched his ass!)

One Christmas I gave each of my family members a little frame with a fitting picture of them, with their head swapped of course!

Not every daughter can fulfill their mothers dream of marrying Bobby Vinton

Or give your sister an opportunity to have a beer with the Nicholas Cage! She likes him, don't tell Will!

Your neice and nephew can thank Dave in person since they met in a Wendy's parking lot.

Turn your brother who thinks hes Waylon actually into Waylon.

Headswapping can help when family members are uneasy about you at times! Like ease the fear of who I travel with when I travel to Canada with my net friends every year!

Who else can give family and friends their own currency? "W" can't even do that! To bad too because a li'l extra currency
(I think it was $472,000,000,000 yesterday)
coming his way might do him some good!

And the else can we ever dream of socializing with the rich and famous, or dead and famous for that matter!

Do Disney with Martin Luther King on his very own day!

Doesn't every 9 year old think he is Eistein???

Me and Chuck! Positively to die for!

Mel, before I found out he was a jerk!

My personal favorite, me and Fr. Ralph! I know it's naughty, heaven help me!

Now I have to say there is one person who loves my headswapping! That would be Fr. Bill, he had a very special birthday one year,he...

camped with Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg!

sat with Joe Damaggio in the dugout!

met Elvis!

and is it not every Catholic's dream to meet the Pope? Let alone sit behind him and give him some pointers or in this case some Kleenex!

In my own defense, sometimes its not a head at all....just a conveniently moved hand! The queen has never had so much fun before she met me! You go girl! (You might want to click on this one to enlarge, let's not kid ourselves size does matter!)

The only thing is, sometimes a headswapper will get a picture of the headswapper one day in her email or in this case posted on the internet!

(Just a shout out above I did not put my own head on the Madonna, I'm in enough trouble for Fr. Ralph!)

We all know I have a high opinion of myself but Madonna? I think not! Oooooor maybe Modonna wouldn't be so bad!

Have you had your head swapped today?



Marg said...

I have a picture of myself having dinner with Richard Armitage. The way he is staring at me....swooon!

georgia said...

Michelle, your sooo naughty, :)
thanks for making me smile first thing this saturday morning. I love your sense of humor & I can't believe the men in kilts w/queen. Forgive me, I had to ZOOM IN, & couldn't believe my eyes! Did you swap that!!! :0

M&M's Blog said...

I just moved her hand, the "stuff" was already there. :-)

Chirre said...

You crack me up, woman! AND you have wayyyy too much time on your hands! :-)
Seems Queen E does have other things on, errrr, in her hands...


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