Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lola gets to 2nd Base

If I'm not mistaken the "bra" is second base right? I get an email from DH the other day and he asks me if I saw Lola's surprise? I wrote back, "No." A little bit later I go up to take a shower and my pink bra is laying across the sink, with a wire sticking straight out of it, one strap off, and little bite marks all over.

I thought ... Gross, how did Hugh Hefner get in the house?

Then I realized, they weren't denture marks on the bra but bite marks, dog bite marks. Must of been Lola!

I thought I heard heard her around 4 a.m. walking around, seems she went into the third closet (were spoiled, we each have our own closet, the third one is clothes thrown on the tub) and pulled my bra off and chewed it a bit. Now if you remember it was only a couple of months ago she got a pair of my CLEAN panties and brought them outside to delight the neighbors, and this month it's the bra.

It seems Lola is a tad confused and is going around the bases backwards. It should of been the bra first and then the panties, right? Bra-second base, Panties-Grand Slam? Li'l bit of trouble with this since DH hit a home-run sooner rather than later in our relationship. *g*

Bra appears smaller and prettier than in real life

Besides the bra and CLEAN panties she has taken, she hasn't chewed anything in the house, and has just been a little dream pup! But, that said, we will only have one Christmas tree this year, decorated from about half way up!



Holly said...

You know, a lot of women would pay to have the underwire ripped out of their bra's. Maybe she could start a business!

Just to be safe though, I wouldn't leave your turkey unattended on Thursday.

Colleen LeHoser said...

Oh she is so funny Michelle! My Nicki-boy loves, loves, loves the stinky stuff - previously worn socks, same for womens panties (he'll actually chew the crotch right out of them if he gets ahold of 'em, and lets not disclose the reason why I have covered trashbuckets in the bathrooms - but EW!!!*g*). Jema-girl has NEVER shown an interest! Could Lola be gender confused - or does she have lingerie envy?? lolol

Katbalou Edwards said...

Well done Lola:-)


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