Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dog Days of December

Lola survived her spaying surgery. It amazes me how well dogs do after surgery. Especially after I caught her hopping up into the raised flower boxes in the yard. All those stitches ripping apart inside is the first thing you think of!

Lola napping on what's left of her morphine meds.

She had her dew claws removed, this breeder didn't remove them and I never thought of asking before hand, I will now. Because not only will it cost you an extra 100 dollars, your doggie has to wear booties if it's raining to cover the little bandages. Booties on dogs, it's not natural, and it's not happening here. Of course the booties that the vet sends you home with are made with empty IV bags and gauze, and last about two minutes on their feet. So we cover the bandages with Saran wrap, and take her on her leash so she doesn't run around in the rain. Thankfully it stopped raining.

I have to admit the bandages are kind of cute.

She looks like a little race horse when she is walking around, or a misplaced dog from the 70's. Remember when people wore sweatbands as an accessory.:) Not me!

Lego sprained something over the weekend, and was walking on three legs when Lola left for the vet. So Lego spent Monday sleeping the whole day and is back to normal finally today.

Doggies are all here and accounted for, it just doesn't feel right when one is here w/o the other.



Colleen LeHoser said...

I didn't know you could have dew claws removed! Nicki is 10 now and too old, but man - wish I'd known - I'd a had it done cuz he is rotten about letting us cut his nails and consequently - his dew claw nails sometimes grow in a circle right into his skin (necessitating a trip to the Vet and paying the big bucks to get them clipped)!!

Glad Lola did well with her spaying too - I just remember my Jema being a pathetic mess who couldn't stop pooping after hers, stress goes straight to that girls bowels I swear! She's quite the drama queen my Miz Jema!

Keep an eye on Lego and the limp - Nicki injured his left hind quarter in late October and still limps at night - xray was negative so he takes deramaxx which helps a lot - but it's taking a long time to completely heal.

Holly said...

Merry Christmas! I'm guessing you are soaking in having your college boy home since you haven't written anything in TWO weeks! That or you were sharing poor Lola's morphine :)

Hope your day is wonderful.


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