Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I haven't done much since the last time I posted.

What I did:

Made a website for an up and coming folk singer! A sister of a good friend.

Cleaned and cooked for last Saturday. Mim, Norm, Sylvia, Barry and family came out and we spent the day together.

Lot of laundry. Ian came home and then Brian is in Chicago all this week for a prep class for a big test he has to take next week.

Went to the vet. Lego got a infected anal gland, and "yes" it's as smelly as it sounds! Montana had one in the spring, seems we have a lot of pain in the asses around here.

What I didn't do:

No Christmas decorations at all! Since we had company Saturday, Friday was spent picking up the house and cooking, and Sunday Brian left, so they didn't get put up. Now it's too cold for me to go out there and do it, and since there's no warm up coming, I doubt they will get up this year. Every year I seem to hate this cold weather more. Its so damp lately everytime I go out in this cold my chronic bronchitis kicks in.

Oh, also what I didn't do. I didn't make stuffing on Thanksgiving! How the heck does a person forget to make stuffing on Thanksgiving? I do believe I'm officially losing it!

I haven't made cookie dough yet either, I'm way behind this year. I guess it's time to take the pumpkin off the porch!

Okay, I need a picture...

Our Christmas card from 2003, I do believe I remembered stuffing that year!


Holly said...

I always love your Christmas pictures, you are so creative. Sorry you forgot the stuffing, but just think of all the calories you saved yourself for pie!

Hope you are able to get some decorations up this year, you know, so Ian can find the place when he comes home for Christmas.

Colleen LeHoser said...

Ooh - infected anal glands! Nicki gets them about once every couple of years - he is absolutely terrible about it - screams like a girl (or a rabid dog *g*) when the vet tries to express them - now no one can go near his butt without nearly losing their hand!! so now we just call for his antibiotic when as soon as I notice him starting to scoot and nibble at his behind!


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