Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mii and Wii

Okay, I did the Wii Fit the other day. When you first log on it, it will ask you all sorts of questions about your height, year you were born, birth date, etc. Then it weighs you. It was about 4 pounds off, but I think that was because it was on carpet.

It calculates your BMI, and tells you if you are overweight or not. Then somewhere in there your little Mii either shrinks or gets bigger! My Mii, got a wee bigger, that was a bit depressing to watch!

Me as a Mii!
Brian has informed me my real Mii on the Wii is much better looking!

You do these little balance things and then it pops out your age Wii Fit age.

Then it has four areas of exercises, Yoga, Aerobic, Strength, and Balance. I think... I could be wrong. It gives you about four exercises in each category to start, and you can have a demo of each one and then you start doing it.

You can pick your own trainer, male or female. I picked a male since I don't want to look at a cartoon figure thinner than me bossing me around!

Wii Trainer, let's call him Sven!

That first time on there took me about 90 minutes to do 30 minutes of exercises. But a lot of that was putting info in, learning how to do the exercises, shooing the puppy away and trying to figure out how to use the Wii! I had never used it before.

I didn't feel like I got much of a workout, but my thighs sure hurt the next day. Now that I have what to do down, I'm sure the next time will go smoother and faster and be more productive.

I'm on the last season of Remington Steele and have been fighting a cold so I've been sticking to the bike for the last couple of days.

There is nothing better than shedding some pounds to a young Pierce Brosnan!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Pierce!


Chirre said...

Sven? SVEN?? rotflmao!! Seriously, Sven? Does he speak with a Swedish accent, too?

Other than that.. Wii seems to be taking over the world! *g* Glad you enjoy it! And Pierce, of course! :)

Arizona Mama said...

I've been thinking of getting Wii fit. Does it obviously display your weight? A girl has to have some secrets from her nosy family!


Holly said...

I've got Sven helping me too. My little Mii became a not so little Mii after it calculated my size too. Your right, very depressing, especially when Butterfly's Mii shrunk right up and told her to put on some pounds.

M and M's Blog said...

Gina, it does show your weight but its not obnoxious, and mine is like 6 pound over, I think its because its on carpet and its just not very accurate.

It gives you a wii fit age also, the first time I did it, it was 57! I'm 45. Today I did it and it was 32, made me feel much better. *g*

Collin's got smaller too! LOL


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