Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yikes! It's January!

I am not sure where the days went, I'm sure they are around here somewhere! Here are the days I'm looking for:

December 16th - I picked up Ian from school, his last exam was that night so he got out a few days early.

December 24th - It was just us here for Christmas Eve, made a prime rib, ate entirely too much of it. We let the kids open their big gift early since Rock Bank II got here earlier than expected, meaning before Christmas. We played that night, I only sang, funny how when I sing the dogs start barking and attack me! But lo and behold I scored rather high with the songs I was familiar with, a few bars of "Hungry like a wolf" anyone? Yes, it was on "Easy"!

December 25th - We opened our gifts in the morning. I got a Wii Fit ... very cool! (actually I haven't used it yet) Brian's parents, Aunt Sylvia, Barry and the kids all made the trek out here for Christmas Day. More beef, a roast beef in the crock pot (I was getting sick of cooking), pies coming out of our doompas. I ate so much on Christmas Eve I had a couple of scoops of mashed potatoes on Christmas and thats it! More gifts and more Rock Band.

The dogs opening their gifts, they are the only ones that dont run from the camera.

December 27th - Brian and I went to Chicago for the day. Ian worked, and Collin decided to stay here and doggie wrangle. It was raining cats and dogs in Chicago, the entire day. We had lunch with Sandy and Mike, and then met up with Georgia, Will, Jamie, Kim, Mike, Renee, Elise and Waylon ... I mean Scotty for dinner. It's a bit trying to drive 3 hours home with a full tummy at 9:30 at night.

December 28th - Ian bought Daddy and Collin Purdue basketball tickets for Christmas so they had to leave for the game at 2. At noon, we discovered for some reason our sump pump stopped pumping and we had a bunch of water in the basement. Saturated carpet by the excercise area, the TV, and the back bedroom. Thank the heavens I bought a carpet cleaner last fall and we got a major portion of it sucked up. Took awhile to dry and then all it needed was a good steam cleaning and deorderizing. (which actually didn't happen till today)

New Years Eve - Ian was out, Collin had three kids over, Brian was in bed at 9 sick, and I don't have a clue what I did that night.

January 2nd - Brian and I went to Dallas for the weekend to visit Brian and Cheryl and their herd of dogs! We went to the Canton Flea Market which we are told is one of the biggest in the states, and we made it through two sections, our legs were tired and my Brian couldn't handle any more obese men in overalls. If we weren't flying home, I would of bought tons .... some cool furniture there! Sunday we had dinner with two net friends Angela and Ren, they took us to this local family style restaurant called Babes. It was great chicken, but not as great as Angela and Ren.

From the 6th on, not sure where those days went. Brian went back to work, Collin back to school, and Brian also got Bronchitis, and were packing up Ian to go back to school on Sunday.

And that brings us to Saturday, January 10th, 2008



Colleen LeHoser said...

Yay you posted! While this isn't as good as the used-to-be annual Moore Xmas letter - it's a close
2nd :-) Let me know how you like the Wii fit - I'm starting to consider getting a Wii and all it's bells and whistles....

Holly said...

I love my Wii fit. Can't wait to hear if you like yours. Maybe you could put on some video for our enjoyment of your trying it out!

Good to hear and update.


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