Sunday, February 1, 2009

Man Cave

Anyone that really knows me, knows I can't stand football, even the sound of it in the background. Hence why in this house it's usually watched in the Man Cave... the basement! Don't feel too bad for them, the Man Cave is quite nice.

I did offer the wide screen TV in the family room to them, seeing that it is a bit of a waste that America's Funniest Videos was playing on it when the Super Bowl was on, but I wasn't taken up on my offer. Some things just can't compete with the Man Cave!

The dogs aren't into football either and were given a nice rawhide to chew on. Lola thoroughly enjoyed hers and was wearing part of it on her nose.

This dog makes us smile every day!

Saw two movies this week. "Taken" with Liam Neeson, it was really good, and "New in Town" with Renee Zellweger that was pretty funny, was a bit slow at the end, but most of those romantic comedies are.

It was sunny and 40 here today, we went grocery shopping with no coats, it felt like Florida!



Holly said...

I'm not a fan of football either. I do like the commercials though so I clicked on Hulu every once in awhile since they are posting them there as they go on the air. Much more fun that way.

Glad the guys are enjoying their Man Cave and you and the puppies can enjoy your time grounded in the reality that football is not a good way to spend a Sunday evening.

Colleen LeHoser said...

Nice new look to your blog page Michelle - one teensy suggestion - put the link to create comments at the end of the post?

M and M's Blog said...

I dont know how to do that Colleen.... its a template. *G*


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