Monday, February 9, 2009

Nothing in Spanish is Nada!

I've been trying to put together a little site of all the web pages I've made, and I'm finally almost finished. It's not totally done, what's left is an "About Me" paragraph, and since I don't think I'm very exciting that's the hardest to write. So someone else is writing it for me, nothing like having an author as a friend to help you out *g* Thanks Cindy!

While I was making this site, a neighbor asked me to make a website for her, and I have to say it turned out really cute! Since hers sounded more fun, I finished hers this weekend. She didn't want it real matchie matchie, which I have a hard time doing, since I'm very matchie matchie, so it's an eclectic matchie matchie.

The website: The Ellie Tree

Robin is an independent sales rep, she brought over her samples from the Knotty purse company, and they were just gorgeous, and very green! :-)

I had a hard time coming up with a site for myself, mostly because if I think of a style I really like, I usually go for medieval or Celtic looking things, and didn't want a graphics website to look either, I wanted simple.

Red has always been my favorite color, but recently I seem to be drawn to blues, more calming, I must be getting old! Actually the tan m&m was always my favorite and I'm still a bit distraught they stopped making it.

My first attempt at some sort of heading for the website, I went with something more simple. :-)

All that to say here is my simple blue website that has a bunch of graphic and website work on it.
Graphics and Websites by M&M

I didn't have a title for this post, I thought something would come to me while I was typing..... and nada!



Holly said...

You do such nice work and have such a neat, simple style. I love it.

Marcie said...

Love the two new websites. shows you are _very_versatile in your designs. Much luck and ....Happy Valentine's Day!


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