Monday, April 6, 2009

Maggie with the waggily tail...

It was about 12 years ago, I was bestowed an honor, I got to pick out a puppy for my sister Georgia's family. Gretchen had a wonderful black lab named Hank. Hank's breeder was Cheri in New Lenox, and that's the breeder I went to to pick out Georgia's black lab.

We lived in Granger at the time, so when Ian was at school, Collin and I made the trip to Chicago to pick out a puppy! I don't remember how many were in the litter, but I do remember we got to pick from quite a few. I don't even know how old they were when we went to pick them out. If you know me in the slightest bit, you know that being surrounded by puppies is pure heaven to me.

Georgia wanted a black female, because she just loved our Lieber.

There was one female that stood out from all the rest, she had a little colic running down her nose. I thought that was kind of a nice feature in an all black dog, something to set her apart from the others. Collin and I knew, this was our girl or their girl.

That little black girl with the messed up hair on her nose became Maggie. When we moved to Indy, Maggie would stay with us most times during family vacations. I called her the "Human Speed Bump", she would just plop down anywhere and you moved.... not her. For a girl she had a really low "woof", and it sounds just like that ... woooof! Just one woof, no need to expel more energy than necessary.

Really tall for a lab too, we were thankful she didn't want to sleep in our bed at night, but was content to sleep on her little blanket from home on the floor by us. Maggie was just happy, all the time, her tail never stopped wagging.

..... and then comes the call out of the blue, that Maggie is gone. And all you feel is sadness. Not only for the loss of Maggie, but for Maggie's family, because you know what they are going through and unbearably hard it is to get through.

But you know, from losing two of your precious pups that all the tears now are worth all the years you had with your pup. That if given the chance again, to go through what you have to go through now with their death to have the 12 previous years of their love, companionship and comfort, that you would do it all over again in a minute.

We will miss you Maggie here in our home, I can't imagine how much you will be missed in yours.

God Speed Maggie!


thecamps said...

Awwww.... so sad! But I love how you capture the sweet girl's personality in just a few words and pictures. She reminds me of our Bailey who was only part lab but had a similar sweet face and also did 1 low wooof.
MaryC in KY


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