Friday, March 27, 2009

Henry VIII es mas macho!

Since nothing exciting is happening around here, here's what I've been reading and watching....


"The Autobiography of Henry VIII
with notes by his fool, Will Somers"

This was pretty good, it was written like Henry VIII's journal, so it's Henry's way of explaining a few things like...

-Why its okay to chop the head off a couple of wives.

-Marry a wife while the other wives head is still rolling on the ground.

-Convince your self that a really really fat man is really quite attractive.
( I'm thinking Rush Limbaugh can somehow trace his roots to Henry! )

Funny how Henry looks at things totally different!

I also read "Fearless Fourteen" by Janet Evanovich. These are always such fun reads! The problem is, I can never remember what they were about a week later just that it was funny!


I think I've only seen one, "Duplicity" with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts. It's a bit confusing. Don't see it if you don't want to sit there and pay attention, and it's a bit slow. My neighbor almost fell asleep..... then Clive took his shirt off!


I'm watching HBO's "Rome" again on the treadmill. This time with one of the special features on, sort of like "pop-up" Rome. Just little windows come up explaining this or that, for example....

It was okay for a husband have sex with their slave.

Totally understandable to kill your wife and children if the wife had an affair.

Cows were okay to sacrifice, but not to eat

You know, things like this that would help you in every day life!

Spring has sprung here, it has been nothing but blue skies and beautiful warm days. Which for us means.... dirt and mulch! So you can see why I'd rather talk books and movies.


Marcie said...

I _knew_ there was a reason I needed to pop by here today! It's Clive! *G* Huggles woman. Have a good weekend.

Merrymags said...


Haven't checked in here for a while and what do I see? A new format (niiiicce) and Clive Owen without a shirt! Yummy!! Any of him without the pants?

BTW, I needed to get hang where like-minded people go, so I came here. I don't want to get political and all, but it got a little too Republican for me at Diana's blog yesterday. I am a bit heartbroken...... Oh well, I'll keep reading The Books and not focus so much on the aberration of the mindset.


Chirre said...

I have no idea what you said there, 'cause I saw the pic of Clive and me mind went blank. :) Me thinks it might be time for King Arthur...

Oh, and Merrymags.. to see Clive without his pants you'd have to watch Shoot 'em down. :)))


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