Thursday, October 1, 2009

Table for One...

During the warehouse furniture sale,there was a table for $97 bucks. The delivery men damaged it, and it was unusable. I looked, Scotty looked, and neither of us could find one the right size for a small eat-in kitchen. So I said...Scotty you should make one.

So he figured out what size he wanted it, bought some pine for the top. I bought some table legs off of Ebay cheap. It was just under $100 total. I have this thing for decorative trim.

Like here when I added it on my kitchen cabinets.

and here when I added it to the kitchen island.

I liked the stuff on the kitchen island so much I put it in the bathroom too!

So all that to say....I thought Scottys table needed trim too! Here's the table in the middle of its first coat of stain. I stained thats about it.

And all finished with trim.

As you can see the door still needs to be painted, and the register cover is in the garage waiting for paint. That's another day.



Marcie said...

That Scotty is THE man! And your stain job looks nice too. :-) Why don't you come and bring that wonderful handiman to my house for oh, how about 2 years? *g* Huggles woman!

Oh, take that dang capcha thingie off would ya?!! I hate that. If someone posts an offensive comment you can always just delete them. Muwaahs!

M and M's Blog said...

I dont have it on Marcie, between this and facebook, oh and the order form page builder Im about to give up the puter. *G*


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