Monday, September 28, 2009

Last week...

What a great week last week...

I dug a hole, that's basically all I did. I forget what I was working on, but for this project all I did was dig a hole. Not a big hole mind you, it did have small rocks in it and was very tedious if that helps my case. When Im working on stuff there, the doggers usually come with me. There's a fence in his backyard he repaired enough for them, and I would put a little temp fence across the drive way. Well, Miss Lola kept going under it and I kept finding her in his neighbors yard, or one day in the middle of the street trying to scare the mailwoman. So now theres something more sturdy,it was cheaper than wood and it looks cute.

......and "No", they wont jump over that.

Then on Saturday.......
Scotty and I went to a DG signing in Dayton, she has a new book out. Renee and her new boy toy *G* Victor met us there from Pittsbugh. They were on Renee time so that meant they missed the DG talk, and then we had very high numbers for the signing line. 180's. So we went to a little pub across the street till our number was up. Well, we went back and no Diana, nobody was there practically, just a few women sitting in some chairs. Luckily DG was taking a nature break. She came back and we got to spend some time chatting with her all by ourselves before she packed up and left, so it worked out a bit better than standing in the signing line.

So that was a good day right there, but it gets better. Brian drove up for dinner (he didnt want to leave at 9:30 in the morning with me), and Georgia, Will and Will's mom also came to Dayton for dinner. So we had a nice laugh filled dinner to officially meet Renee's new dude. I don't know who named Victor, the new dude, sounds like Brian. :-) Scotty and Victor got free muffins because they had never been to a Mimi's Cafe before. We also got free dessert from them because they asked us all to move over. Boy was that worth it!

So I have no pictures of that... I forgot my camera, and forgot that the phone had a camera too. I do however have a picture of the gift I made for Victor. Renee, says hes very sweet, and always says or does romantic things. The only thing is Renee isnt quite use to this and sometimes doesnt always notice some gestures. So I told her Victor needs a journal to write all the nice things he does down, so he can remind you later. So I made Victor a journal with this graphic.

You know I dont get together with my sisters very often, and that might be a bad thing. But... when I do get together with them, all we do is laugh, and that is a great thing!



Marcie said...

Love the Victor love story journal. Made me laugh today. Thanks!


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