Sunday, January 3, 2010

Battle of the Brownie Pans!

Okay.... a couple of years ago I got a Baker's Edge Brownie Pan for Christmas. It makes more edges! The edges are my favorite part of the brownie. It was a pricie pan, $34 and shipping.

I usually use a homemade brownie recipe... which is...

1 stick margarine
1/4 cup cocoa
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour
2 eggs

I think thats it, Im going from memory, which can be scary.

But lately what I usually make is this...

...for these reasons:
1. They are low fat and don't taste low fat.
2. Homemade brownies never get that shiney top. I dont know what makes that shiney top on box brownies... but I like shiney things. Diamonds more so than brownies, but I'm on a brownie budget here.

I got this pan for Christmas this year, it looks like an ice cube tray.

Now there are two type of Brownie people in this world. There's the fudgy brownie people and the cake brownie people. I'm more of a fudgy brownie gal myself, but nothing beats a cake brownie warm with ice cream and hot fudge.

Here's what I have discovered after using both pans with the lite brownie mix.

Baker's Edge...
Lots of edges for sure, but higher tendency to have too much of a crunch edge to get the middle done. You know the type of crunch that is too close to burnt. Sometimes the brownies are too fudgie, almost raw. Which I love brownie batter, but not cooked brownie batter. The dogs seem to get more middle parts when I eat these. Dont worry, not enough to kill them!

Ice cube brownie pan...
I just made a box mix of brownies with this yesterday. I wasnt very hopeful about the results since the pan is very thin, and I didnt think it would cook as well as the thicker "edge" pan. I was wrong!!!!!!

This was the first time I have ever made brownies that got that tall, and were pre-cut with nice straight lines. For some reason I can never cut my brownies w/o them falling apart. These were a bit more cake like, hence why they were taller *grin*, and the only real edges on them were the regular pan edges, they each didnt have four chewey edges on each brownie like I thought they would. These were very pretty too, you could actually bring these brownies on a plate instead of just the whole pan that you cant cut straight. This pan was 19.99.

If I had to choose to have only one pan....

I would say this one! I can put it in the diswasher and I hate doing pans by hand, which is recommend with the "edge" pan, and I felt like I was getting more brownie to eat! Since a brownie is three points on Weight Watchers, size is very important.

Now if I could only remember I have special brownie pans before I toss it into a 9x13 pan!

Mmmmmmmmm Brownies!


Chirre said...

Hey you! I remember that first brownie pan! And I still have that recipe in my recipe book, 'cause I asked you for it.. it's even called M&M's Brownies! :))))

M and M's Blog said...

Awwwwe! I think I like that batter the best. *G*

Maria said...

LOL - when I saw that new pan being advertised, I just KNEW you'd be trying it out. *G*

Aislinn said...

I wish I was into brownie's. I'll save your recipe just in case though. I hope the great brownie pan quest has been satified. LOL


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