Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ugliest Shoes I Own!

Ugly huh!

If its not bad enough they are the ugliest shoes I own, they are also the most expensive. For some that might mean a pair of $300 shoes, for me that's only about $70. I very rarely buy shoes that aren't from a discount site, or on clearance, but always name brand. I usually wear Nike, they fit me the best.

These are Skecher Shape-Ups, they are a type of excercise shoe that are suppose to firm your calves, thighs and doompa. Plus they also improve your posture because you are basically walking on balance balls. I was a bit worried I would fall and break my neck the first day I wore them, but it didnt take long to work out the whole balance thing, and you do notice that you are standing straighter right away. You have to or you will trip, fall, stumple, you get the picture.

Do they work?
Like I said I noticed my posture is a bit straighter, not sure if it sticks with me when I take them off though. I read reviews that your calves will be sore the first day, but that hasn't happened either, but my calves weren't flabby to begin with. Maybe I could wear these on my tummy! I think I have to wear them every day to really notice a difference, and I havent done that yet since we have had snow. I do have to say they are very comfortable, good for long trips, if of course you were in the car, they are too ugly to wear in public. :-)

And..... they do make you look thinner, because they add a good inch and a half to you height!

Can I recommend... not quite yet!



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