Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh, Canada!!!!!!!

First, you need to listen to this while you read the post, to get you in the mood!

Most that know me, know I go up to Surrey, BC every year in October, and that's is near... Vancouver! I have some good friends up there, and one mentioned that she had some extra Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens to send out. I didn't get my hopes up, since I didn't think I would contact her in time to get a pair.

I was WRONG!

She just mailed them out on Friday I believe, and here they are already on Monday! Wooooooooo Hoooooooo! The dogs were very excited to see them!

After I let the dogs sniff them, they wanted to bite them,run around the house with them, and basically get them all droolie, but they can buy their own mittens!

I put them up on the mantle with my other Olympic souveniers!

Thanks so much Lee!!!!!!!!!

...who is actually looking forward to cold weather tomorrow!


Christine/Ceilidh said...

JEALOUS!! Couldn't find any when we were home for Christmas!


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