Saturday, June 5, 2010

Before and Almost After....

People keep asking me whats going on at Scotty's house, well..... lot's of things going, but none of them done. :-)
(As always, just click on pics to make bigger)

Been diggings up some boxwood shrubs here and planting there in the front,, planted some lillys and hostas painted an old milk can I had to match his house. Still have to change out the light fixture, but here's the old and new pic.

Seeded where the pool use to be in Scottys backyard. We still have mega-things to do back there, repair and paint the deck, shovel up and move about 5 million rocks!

Tore out the old tub in the bathroom, unfortunately the old rusty tub isn't showing, more fortunate for you though since it was uuuuuuugly! We replaced that light fixture and medicine cabinet too. built a frame around the heater that was sticking out two inches from the wall, still have to paint and add hooks for towels.

Scotty wanted a spa tub, so Brian and him cemented that to the floor one Saturday. Then Scotty had to crawl under the house yet again, to do some plumbing, and jack up the weight bearing beams a bit. This was the day he was pulling a cement block and yelped, and he heard a pop in his arm... turned out to be a muscle!

Scotty made a wood frame and bead boarded the side. I tiled around the tub and the top of the frame, and re-painted the grout on the wall tile.

I hope to start drywalling this week. We're going to bead board all the way around the bottom wall, and then I have to fix the ceiling, not looking forward to that!

Meanwhile he is still working on the bookcase headboard.

And a verra cool trellis for my house, which is ALMOST done!

Here's the inspiration from the net.

I asked Scotty if we could make it like this? He said, "Yes." I don't know how he knew what I was thinking from my drawing though! :-)

But he did, and he got to work!

Before you know it, one side is done.

The I brought it home in pieces, and he came over the next day and put it together.

Right now it's in the process of being stained grey, some more iron work put in on center top and sides, more rails on top and then it will be ready to be cemented in.

This is the picture of the house when it was up for sale, seven years ago already, on the right, drawn in pink is where the trellis will stand.

And that is where we are at!



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