Friday, June 25, 2010

Scotty's Stripper Bathroom!

I bet that got your attention, an explanation will come later!

Click on any picture to make bigger... alright here we go!

With the exception of the trim around the door that needs to be taken off, sanded and painted, the bathroom is done! It's a very small bathroom, so hard to take pics of but here's the before...

The ceiling was really nasty!

First thing we did, well in this case Brian and Scotty did, was take out the old rusty 1950's tub and put a new one in. Scotty made a frame and side for it, they laid concrete on the floor and set it in, and then I tiled around the top of it, and on top of the bead board side.

And repainted grout.

It looked like the old owners were re-doing the bathroom in the 80's and never finished, so none of the drywall in the corners or ceiling was finished, so I mudded all of that. My shopping karma rubbed off on Scotty and he got a Martha Stewart shelving/drawer unit for 30 bucks!

We painted the bath blue, the same blue as the guest bedroom. Switched out the icky medicine cabinet and light fixture. We also put a wooden cornice up to hide all the curtain rods.

Recognized the light fixture?
If you have been to my house you might, I bought it silver for here, and then I painted it bronze when I first did our li'l bathroom, and when I re-did the bath for the second time, I switched it out. So its back to silver again in its new home. Gotta love spray paint!
I looooove bead board, nothing makes a house look neat and clean like bead board. We did that half-way up the wall, and then Scotty made, yes he made it, trim for it! He also made the little heater frame with towel hooks. It was pretty nasty before, it stuck out two inches from the wall.

The Stripper Pole!
Most of you know Scotty, and know he is 79, and he needs a wee bit of help out of tub. We looked everywhere for all types of grab bars, and found them all overpriced. Sekret Message to the Old Fart Grab Bar Manufacturers, most old people are on a fixed income and can't afford 80 bucks for a grab bar, hence have to use stripper poles! Scotty headed to Lowe's and came home with a shower rod, and then he made a little wooden holder for it at the ceiling.

In this picture you can also see the textured ceiling I did, and Scotty covered up the ugly fan hole, he made crown molding too! I'm thinking I should hire Scotty out!

To make a room that reflected Scotty, besides the Stripper Pole *grin*, I added some pictures. I got this little set in Scotland when I went with my sister in 2001. They are the cutest little minitures of things Scottish. Scotty's father emigrated to the states from Scotland.

(The litte jars I got from Hobby Lobby for a buck each.)

The hard part was finding something for the sides of the heater frame, but I found these brushed steel picture frames that I thought looked a bit masculine. I've tried to put Scotty's initials in every room I've decorated. So far I have the kitchen, bedroom, front room, for his bathroom, I ended up with his last name. I made some graphics and printed it on cardstock. The backgrounds of each letter are pictures of the Whitmore/Redding area where he moved from.

You might have to click on this below to read the picture descriptions.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, why would anyone move away from there, two words.


And that's about it, enuf' huh! Now it's back to finish the guest bedroom, which we stopped in the middle of to do the bathroom.

Just in case you are wondering what an 80 year old stripper looks like...

...yeah, I'm thinking she needs to keep her clothes on too!


The Quirked Eyebrow said...

Gadzooks and wow! I think I need to hire you and Scotty for my bathroom redo ~ say about October? Dang you guys have done astonishing things to that house ~ way to go!

~E said...

Michelle, you are AMAZING!


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