Monday, December 3, 2007

Who took November?

Where did the month go?

I made two sites and graphics for friends. One for Custom Kilts and another for these very cool Horse hair bracelets...yeah horse hair. Thats one of the prettiest sites Ive made.

Collins birthday was the 24th of November, Saturday. He wanted to share the cost of a Wii. We had been looking since August for one and couldnt find one. On a whim I looked in Seattle when I was there and found one! I should of bought the three they had, they are going for double on Ebay for Christmas.

Barry and the kids also came that Saturday. Spent the night. The boys watched football on Sun. and the girls and I went to lunch and shopping to pick out their gifts.

House is decorated inside and out, the cookies made and packages sent, and most of the shopping done. Im gonna take a week off! :-)

Got the best package in the mail today. Some from my reading group make and exchange ornaments. Nobody knows what people are making or sending, so its always a suprise. One very nice lass Sue organizes and sorts them all sends them out. I just made a youtube thingie today on all the ornaments that were made this year.

Another Sue *g*, I know is painting the dogs portraits for me. Shes the gal that did the incredible drawings of the boys, her link is on the left. I will post when they are finished.

Hope all is well where you are!




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