Saturday, December 29, 2007

Of Lights and Links...

The lights are off the house and tomorrow we tackle the inside of the house. After Christmas Eve and day...I get a bit Christmas'd out. Or it might have something to do with putting it all up so early! :-)

The kids and their loot...

We had a really nice Christmas! Fudge, Food and Family, not necessarily in that order. Everyone got exactly what they wanted...for me that was my All Edges Brownie Pan.
Bakers Edge

As long as I'm sharing links, here's a few more for you...

I have this new addiction lately, Online Scrabble! I'm not sure if I should thank Janie for introducing this to me, or do bodily harm to her! :-) It's just like regular board game Scrabble, just when you think you're winning the person you are playing with ends up stealing the game! :-)
Online Scrabble

A gal from my online reading group is currently living in Dakar, Senegal and is involved in a English Speaking Women's Group there that are doing wonderful things. She was recently talking about this little school she visited, and I made up a little page for her. If you are sick of your kids whining about things, have them read this, it might just put things in perspective for them...
African School

I was telling a couple of people about this, it's a site that matches a candidate to your views.
I got exactly who I thought I you?

Candidate Match Game

Brian and I have spent most of Christmas vacation at the movie theater it seems...
The Kite Runner
National Treasure
Walk Hard
Sweeney Todd

Have a wonderful New Years!



Marcie said...

Hahaha! Love the picture of the boys and Montana with the bow on the noggin. Poor baby, what abuse! *g*

Love your tree too.

And I refuse to go look at online Scrabble. All I need is another reason/obsession to stay in this chair any longer. Hahaha!



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